Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sprouts deals for the week.....

Yipee! Sprouts has organic green grapes on sale for $1.49 per pound right now. Doesn't get better than that! Great time to stock up and freeze them. They taste like candy when frozen.

They also have Organic Pluots for $.99 per pound, also great to freeze and put in a smoothie. 

Their organic So Delicious Dairy free ice cream is 2/$7.

Neti pot, aka, the Nasal Cleansing Pot is $12.99. This is a great thing to have on hand for the upcoming flu and cold season to flush out the gunk.

Their whole , seedless watermelon's are $1.49! 

Sale prices are good until the 7th.

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Annabeth said...

Frozen grapes are not treats. They are medicine in my house. Got a scratchy or sore throat or cough? Suck on 10-15 grapes slowly and it will help heal it. First, the cold does something. Also, when your 'sucking' mechanism is working, it kind of supercedes (sp) over the cough. And lastly, my dad (who is a PA) was told that grapes have very very minute amounts of arsenic. This is info from waay-back generation, like folk-tale. So, I don't know if it's studied, but you know how smart they were back then! Don't know if grapes really have any arsenic, but all I know is sucking on a small bowl of frozen grapes SURE helps those throat issues!!!!!

Maybe the old folks just knew it worked and so labeled it as the pain relieving drug they knew at the time! I'm sure there probably is some chemical component to grapes!

(but yes, they ARE a treat too! I just have to ration them!)
Just be super careful with small children, as they can be a choking hazard. I cut the frozen ones in 1/4ths.

Thanks for the headsup about Sprouts prices. The past 2 years Fry's usually runs a sale for .89/lb organic grapes, but I haven't seen that yet.