Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time Off for Good Behavior

I can't seem to get to blogging lately and that makes me stressed for some reason. I know people don't wait around for me to blog but yet I feel some sort of responsibility. I don't know why. 

But, it is summer. My life is less organized yet somewhat busy. My routines are off and my continuing education plan has halted. I haven't really learned anything new to share and my menu ideas are at a stand still. It is just too hot to care much in the kitchen. I am spending all my computer time in creating the best preschool ever for the fall (you lucky preschoolers) so research in the health and nutrition area is halted.

With this said, I am going to let guilt go and just take a little break. Not long. Just a month. That's what you do in the summertime. I hope you are all taking a little break as well. As always, my email is open so ask any questions you desire. They always spur me to think and research and I can always use a little "spur-ing".

Peace out. Talk to you soon...hopefully I will learn something new to share or at least create a delicious meal worth repeating.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What can I do, Mom?

Are you getting tired of being activities director? I don't know about you, but my kids need something to do EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY. I am thankful that they don't like to watch TV and want to be busy, but I also need to get a few things done as well. And....we can't just go out and spend money all day long doing exciting activities. So, mommy friends....what are you doing for fun that is under 10 bucks and entertaining? Send me your ideas or leave a comment so we can all share our great ideas. We are only a few weeks into summer around here and our vacations are still a few weeks out. I would love some fresh ideas! 

The mighty cup challenge to use all the cups in the bag without it toppling was a hit. But, it lasted 3o minutes. 

Water balloons are loosing their appeal.

Swimming saves our life every day, thanks to family and the public pools.

There is the first Friday of the month free nights at the Phoenix art Museum, that's one day down.

Bounce U has $5 days if you sign up online for emails good for a two hour bounce. Did that several times. Getting tired of that as well.

Scavenger hunts at Target finding the worst food, best food, funniest game, funniest under ware, etc. The store employees love that! We put it all back nicely.

Rec center. Letting them climb their wiggles out on the rock wall.

Ping pong ball air hockey. Using your kitchen table, have one child on each side of the long end of the table and give them a straw. Using a ping pong ball, have them blow into the straw to try to get the ball to the other side for a score. 

Fill a bag full of junk and have them make up a play using everything in the bag. I am sure girls like this better than my boys.

Lots and lots of art projects.

Dollar store adventures.

What else???

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunscreen continued.

Since I have received so many emails with questions about sunscreen, I thought I would post this article that my friend Terri posted on her site. It tells you a little more about sunscreen so it isn't just from me. 

Read it here.

 For those of you thinking that the FDA is on the side of Sunscreen, well they are doing many investigations right now on sunscreen as well. They are looking at things like the vitamin A reaction in sunscreen. Seems sunlight is reacting with the vitamin A and causing increased cancer risks. There is also the issue with the sunscreen not blocking the truly harmful rays of the sun, only one type of ray. There is much more to that story. Best bet, limit the use, limit your sun. Watch for ingredients. Zinc Oxide has been used for years and is always a good way to go. I like Terri's idea to mix it with coconut oil since zinc oxide is like spreading Desitin on your skin. Doesn't work so well. 

Glad you guys are doing your research! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today after our movie day, we still had some time on our hands; me and 7 kids. We decided to take a stop in at the 99 cent store. Seriously, they have everything. I turned them all loose to buy one magical thing. It took them almost 30 minutes to find the right thing. My son had grapefruit juice. Whatever tickles his fancy! I came out with a bag of mini marshmallows and 1000 count box of toothpicks. They were curious. 

It took a whole two bucks to entertain them for one hour of tower building fun. I had them convinced, well all but one I am told, that these Mexico made marshmallows would make them really sick. They had some pretty creative designs using at least 500 toothpicks. Great fun.

On the topic of toothpicks, they are a staple for my preschool classes. They are great for developing their pincher grasps to be better at writing and coordination. When I give them their fruit for snack time, they get a little toothpick to eat with. It makes the fruit taste better, I am sure of it. They also love to lace their cheerios on the stick and count to ten. We also make shapes with them and letters. So much fun for a buck!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sun... friend not enemy.

Growing up, I don't every remember getting slathered with sunblock the moment I stepped outside. I remember living outside in the summer. AZ summers. If we had too much sun, we came indoors. Today, kids are loaded down before they even step outside. It doesn't matter if they are going to be out for 10 minutes of 2 hours. It is just something moms are told to do.

The problem is that sunblock=chemicals. Your skin being the largest organ, soaks it all in and those nasty chemicals get absorbed right into its magnificent cells.
We aren't warned. The FDA isn't giving us any facts. We just accept that is something we should do. 


Why? Well, the obvious; you don't want those chemicals in your system. Horrible stuff. Second, you need D3 from the sun. The sunblock actually prevents you from absorbing the D3 that is so vitally important for every cellular function that we have. Over 85% of us are actually D deficient. It can lead to so many disorders. You don't truly absorb the D3 to the right level until the skin starts to turn a little pink. A little pink is good. 

What do you do? Practice sun safety. Use sunscreen, and a good natural one if you can, when you have to use it. For us, that means when we are going to be outdoors all day at the beach or the lake or are turning too pink and need to be out a little longer. Other than that, go outside after or before the peak sun hours of the day. I have never used sunblock when we swim after 3 or before 11. If we are out for an hour in the hot times of the day, I don't bother as well. Now, I know some burn faster than others. For this, swim shirts and hats are wonderful and seeking shade works wonders as well. Your body will tell you when yo have had to much and listen to those ques. 

Let the little ones get their sun. Let them absorb the D. Don't be afraid of a little pink in their cheeks. We don't want them burned but some color is a  good thing. 

Check labels for natural sunscreen like Soleo brand sunblock. Sure , it costs more but if you are using it less, it will even out a bit. I admit that I still use some junk kind when we are at the beach now and then but I try to keep this at a very minimum. I am still working towards all natural perfection. Maybe this year will be the beach year of Soleo sunscreen only. Yep. I just decided. 

(There, Rachel, I posted. Hope I made your night!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Miss Shari's Playtime

I have been getting plenty of emails from frantic moms looking for last minute preschool options. Miss Shari's Preschool is full but due to popular demand, I have decided to add my 2 1/2 to 4 year old one day a week social class on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 only. We will still work on academics but the focus is on social skills, manners and fun. This is the class I taught last year and it was a great time for all.

If you are interested, I have 6 slots left. It is $40 per month. It will begin on August 17th. 

Email me with any questions.