Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Could it be fall in the air?????

If you wake up early or stay up late, you might feel it. You might notice that the leather seats don't have the same scalding effect when you first take your seat. After all, it will be October come morning time and it really should feel like fall. It seems in AZ that this takes forever but I really think fall is in the air. I smell it at night as the aroma of the nearby dairy farm rolls in.....only a fall and winter treat around here (even cows can't stand to be here for the summer). Apples in the store are crisper and sweeter, the "in season" result. Craft stores have the Christmas decor out already and my kids are already telling me what they are going to be for Halloween (of course that started last fall).

I do get a little sad that summer is ending because I love the summer produce. I love my fresh salsa made with vine ripened tomatoes. I love fresh peppers and chili's. I can't get enough of the beautiful berries, peaches, nectarines and melons. I love the fall and winter but it's bounty is a lot less appealing and less in variety. Let us focus on the good, however. Apples.

Go here for last years apple discussion and delicious apple crisp recipe . If you don't want to take the time to read about them, just take my word for it; they are good for you. There is truth to the "apple a day" saying. Believe me.

We try to eat them the healthy way as much as possible; raw, with natural peanut butter, baked with grains or rolled up in a whole wheat crepe. Sometimes though, we must indulge and go for the sinful sugar glazed desert variety. If you too need to indulge, this little cake is divine. Must be served with ice cream or at the very least, a healthy dose of real whipped cream.

Apple Upside-Down Cake

1 1/2 sticks butter, softened
1/3 C. brown sugar
2 T. maple syrup
2 large, crisp apples, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch chunks
1/2 C. coarsely chopped almonds (opt.)
1 t. fresh lemon juice
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. salt
1 1/2 C. flour
1 t. baking powder
3/4 C. sugar
2 large eggs
1/2 t. vanilla
1/2 C. buttermilk

Preheat oven to 350. Butter a 9 inch round cake pan, one at least 2 inches deep. In a medium sauce pan, melt 4 T. butter. Add the brown sugar, maple syrup and stir over medium heat until the sugar bubbles. Remove from heat and stir in apples, nuts, lemon juice and cinnamon. Spread on bottom of cake pan. In a bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder and salt; set aside. Then whip 8 T. butter until smooth. Add sugar and beat on medium until light and fluffy. Add eggs. Mix and add in vanilla. Add flour mixture and buttermilk. Mix until just combined. Drop by spoonfuls over apples in pan and covering apples completely. Bake until golden about 35 min. When done, let cook 5 min. then flip over on plate. Let sit about 5 min. then remove pan. Serve with ice cream.

And now for a little business.....I have many of your supplements in but didn't get it all; it appears I cleaned them out of D3 and need to wait for another shipment. Hopefully next week. So, If I didn't contact you, you are on the next week list. Since I will be ordering again Monday, let me know if you want to be on the second go round.

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****They also have a few of my cookbooks in if you are still wanting one. I hope to have my second printing done by the end of October.

Friday, September 25, 2009

B12 back in stock...

For those of you who eagerly emailed me to get your hands on the D3 and B12, it is back in stock. I will place your orders on Monday. So.....anyone else who wants some, let me know so I can get your order in also. Some of my other favorite supplements to have on hand , in case you are dying to know, are:

Activated Charcoal: Personal experience with this stuff. They give charcoal to drug overdose patients in the hospital. It absorbs the toxins and gets them out. Well, you can take this in pill form for the stomach flu, food poisoning, etc. It works real quick. I ate something that made me wake up in an enormous amount of stomach pain. I pulled out all my tricks; peppermint oil, Ease oil, etc...It helped but it didn't' go away. The next day upon waking, I was still in pain. I remembered my activated charcoal. 5 minutes later....all better. This is great to have on hand. $10 for 90 capsules.

Oreganol: oregano is a natural antibiotic and helps the body's natural defense system against yeast, bacteria, parasites and viruses. I love oregano oil but it is hard to give the hot essential oil to children and you want to make sure it is a good grade of oil to avoid contaminants. Oreganol is in a gel cap but is a high potency. It is great to give when you are feeling like something is coming on. $29 for 60 capsules.

Curcumin: This is a new one for me but I am really excited to add this to my collection. Many have heard of turmeric and this is part of that. Research has shown that curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is great for those with digestional tract issues and especially great for those with arthritis and joint issues. I have a friend who says she gave this to two people who suffer greatly from arthritis and in a matter of days, they were off their arthritis meds and no pain. I want this on hand for all of our sports injuries! So cheap at $16 for 120 capsules.

The germs are neighbors kids are already sick. Arm yourselves. You don't have to be one of them.

Have a great weekend. I will go a little lighter next week with recipes and other fluffy stuff. Promise.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My opposition to the Flu Shot....

Why don't I want the flu shot? Why will I gamble with my chances? Why will I pull my kids out of school if forced to get the N1H1 shot (which mind you is mandatory in Massachusetts) ? Let me explain what your Dr. won't, and give you some facts that are quickly covered up when put out there. Flu shots are big money and whenever there is big money, their is a lot done to keep the money flowing. Whatever the cost.

Here are my reasons, decide for yourselves:

The flu is usually not fatal. Sure in a very few, mostly little babies and the elderly, but it is due to a weak immune system and would do better to be improved upon, than a weak body pumped with a toxic flu shot. Do you know any average healthy Joe who recently died of the flu? The flu is a nuisance to have, and may make you stay down for a week, but the germ itself is less of a threat than what hides in the vaccine. Many Dr.s don't even know what is in the shot let alone the average consumer. If they did, they would run from it.

Here is a little low down on that from vaccine researcher Marry Tocco: She says that many of the flu shots contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal, which is a form of ethyl mercury that is extremely toxic to humans. I know this personally as my son had high levels of mercury in his body and mercury surrounds the brain. It is very hard to get out of the body and very costly. It forms a barrier to the brain and they are linking this to all sorts of issues from autism to Alzheimer's. Dr.s will try to tell you that thimerosal has been removed from all the vaccines but the truth is that many of the flu vaccines still has thimerosal. Are you willing to chance if your vaccine is one of them? This is especially dangerous for little ones as the levels of this toxin is even higher in the flu shot than outlined as safe in other vaccines. If that isn't enough to make you think twice, here are a few more common ingredients:

Ethylene glycol, another name form antifreeze
Phenol, a type of disinfectant
Formaldehyde, a known cancer causing agent
Aluminum, Cancer causing and Alzheimer's linked
Neomycin, an antibiotic that can cause reactions in some

Still not convinced? Here is some more food for thought:

The flu comes in many different strains, not to mention the many viruses out there that people think are the flu but are really not. The vaccine was created by guess work. "They", whomever that is, tried to guess what virus will be out there and take samples from various groups of people and breed that vaccine for the upcoming season. There are no safety studies created. They just breed them then package them then test them out on the American's. There isn't a long term study test available and much of the research info that is out there is produced from the pharmaceutical companies. The fact is that the year that medicare started to pay for the flu vaccine for the elderly, hospital stays for the elderly flu related went up dramatically. You probably won't hear much of that.

If you are all crazy scared over the pandemic "Swine Flu", if you remember, we were all supposed to be hit with the bird flu and also the rota virus. They tried a vaccine for the rota virus and it was pulled from the market after 6 months. Many took in this toxin for no reason. The pandemic never came.

The story is, it is the flu. It is not a vaccine for cancer. Many people get a horrible case of the flu from the vaccine alone. Why risk it? Why give toxins willingly to your kids. You may not see results now but you may pay later. Better options: keep your body healthy, beef up your immune system with the good stuff, A's, B's , D's, leafy greens, essential oils, whatever it takes. It works.

There you reasons. Thanks for asking Angie!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Beginnings Nutritionals

New Beginnings <span class= I get questions all the time about supplements. I wasn't able to do much about it because I only like the really good kind...the kind that you get from a good solid naturopath. However, many of you don't have the privilege of seeing a naturopath but still want the benefits of a top notch supplement. Well are now in luck. I have been approved to sell supplements from one of the best nutritional supplement companies out there - New Beginnings Nutritionals. The other great thing is that they are not a multi line company. Hooray. I get to sell to you at the same cost or better than I get from my high paid naturopathic specialist. If you are already taking supplements and know what you want, click on their link to the right to check out their products and prices. If you don't know what you want, I will try my best to start educating you on some of my favorites. Yipee! Let's start today on two of the must haves for your cold and flu season.

Liquid Vitamin B-12 or Methylcobalamin. This is one of my very favorite supplements and if I had to pick one, this would be it. B12 is an absolutely essential vitamin in the body. We need it for digestion, absorption, protein synthesis, anemia prevention, fat and carbohydrate metabolization, promotion of healthy nerve tissue and red blood cell formation and assisting the body in detoxification; to name a few. If we don't have this vitamin, the body suffers in so many ways. It is a cycle, if you are not metabolizing properly or detoxifying; it is chaos. I know this because of what I learned with Tate. Once you get the body methylating which is the absorbing of B12, the body sort of reboots in a way. We get B12 from animal fat, cheese , eggs, and milk but even so it may not be digested correctly. Getting the correct kind of B12 is very important. Tate gets it in an injection which is the most effective. However, you need a prescription for that and it is costly. Next best form is as a nasal spray. New Beginnings has a liquid B12 which is in pure form with no other ingredients. Strictly Methylcobalamin - science name for B12. It helps with energy and diet as well. You may also take this as drops sublingually or put into a nasal applicator.

Cost is $35 per bottle plus shipping which will depend on how many people order at a time.

Vitamin D3: My friend , Terri, who taught me about these great supplements just did an article on Vitamin D3. Check her link to the right under Terri Hirning to get it all but I will paraphrase a bit for you:

If you are concerned about the swine flu or any other of the flu bugs and illnesses that fall can bring, Vitamin D3 is a super way to help you body boost its fighting power. I am so adamantly opposed to the flu shots , especially the new swine vaccine that I can't even go there. If you really want to know what is in those shots, do a quick google. Many of the scientists who developed the Swine Vaccine won't even try it. Check out some of these interviews with a couple of my favorite Dr.s here:

Vitamin D3 is now truly being understood and researched into. The connection between this vitamin and disease fighting for cancer, autism, auto immune diseases and other illnesses is being heavily compared. When dosages are low, the immune system is weak. We get vitamin D from the sun but now we insist on always using sun block ,which is a whole other story due to the chemicals we are subjecting our body to, that we are not allowing our body to absorb the vitamin D from the sun. Sunblock not only blocks the harmful rays, it blocks the good rays too. Today with kids especially who spend much time indoors on video games instead of outside playing, the level of vitamin D in the systems of kids are many times low.

There are so many studies into this and even though congress and FDA have information at their fingertips about the research into this amazing vitamin; they sit on it. It would negate so much of the drugs out there and that would hurt the drug industry. That is big money. Vitamin D when kept at a good level in the body would change the outcome of so many illnesses and diseases. It would help the body protect itself from the swine flu and other illnesses coming our way. It is so easy, a few drops a day which are tasteless even the kids wouldn't know. It is cheap - Just $19 per bottle. Dr.'s who prescribe this to their patients regularly find that their patients just don't get sick. You also want to get a good quality of Vitamin D. Dr. Blaylock and Mercola recommend adults stay between 5000 and 10000 IU's daily and children around 2000IU unless instructed by your Dr. otherwise, you can overdose. I stick around 5000 IU's for myself daily and would not recommend taking more than that unless instructed by your Dr.It helps to get a blood test to find your bodies levels if you are suffering from illnesses or diseases. They are finding that Mycelized Vitamin D3 is a highly concentrated form and much better absorbed in the body. I love that New Beginnings keeps things pure, no additives, no chemicals.

Check out the website, check out Terri's post; B12 and Vitamin D3 are my weapons of choice. I have never had a flu shot, My kids and I have not had the flu in at least 10 years, maybe more I just can't remember. I don't get sick. I swear by it. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. The best part, it is cheap. You don't need an expensive medicine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know I said no family pictures but I just have to have a picture to go along with this post. I haven't given my Tater update in a while and just need to share our story of hope.

When Tate was first diagnosed, I read every book about autism I could. I read every mother's story of how she healed her son and any book on nutrition I could. It gave me hope but as the months went by, I began to understand that their story was their story. It wouldn't be my story. Each child is different. There is no one set of rules, or one set of fixes. I stopped reading the books. I needed to make my own story. And so we did.

We did diets. We did all blood tests ever created. We saw pediatricians, nutritionists, therapists, neurologists, specialists, etc. We did everything we were told and everything we were inspired to do. We didn't give up . We didn't take the easy road. I wanted my son to be happy. I wanted my son to be the success story.

A few months back his team of therapists called me and wanted to have a joint meeting. We sat in a big circle in the conference room. They talked about Tate and where he has come. It is funny that when you are living it daily, you don't realize so much the distance we have come but the therapists have it all documented. They began with talking about how well he is doing, how happy he is and that he is a pure joy to be with. Then, they said, "Mrs. Goodman, we are confident that your son is no longer autistic." He has no signs of autism. He doesn't spin, he doesn't have sensory issues, he doesn't scream for no reason, he doesn't line up toys. He just plays, he participates in circle time. He follows directions, draws faces, rides a scooter, jumps on a trampoline, eats different foods other than muffins. He enjoys life. He has been released from the trappings of autism. The walls have been broken down. It was beautiful to hear.

Although the signs of autism have gone, the layers are now peeled away and we know that there are probably some neurological issues that we are faced with. Some delays he may have. As one of the therapists struggled to put words together as to not crush a mother's heart, she said that maybe we have some sort of "MR" issues in a mild form.

What was "MR" I asked?

She said sheepishly, "mental retardation." She didn't want to say it. She was afraid of what those words would do to me. She couldn't possibly know that I had already been prompted by my Heavenly Father that this boy was supposed to be this way. That I knew that he didn't need to be tested in this life and that the test was for me. She couldn't know that I only wanted him freed from autism and to hear his voice. The rest didn't matter. Our goal had been met.

I simply looked at her and told her, "He isn't "MR", he is an "AOE".

"What is that?" She asked.

"An "AOE", our angel on earth."

With that, she agreed. We were both satisfied with the diagnosis.

And so it is, our angel boy is saying words. His laugh is contagious. He is a pure joy and looking back on the last 3 years, I can't believe that this is the same child.

So my mommy friends who are on the same journey of sorts; hold on, buckle down, do it all and pray for guidance. This may be my story but you can have your own, your own happy ending whatever that is. None of us are perfect, we aren't meant to have the same path but I know that our Heavenly Father wants his children to be happy and if we do all that we can, we will be blessed with that gift.

I wish you all could have an "AOE" in your home.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Molly's Cookbook

My friend, Molly, just put together a great cookbook that contains over 200 of her family's favorite recipes. I just picked mine up and there are some great ones in there and I am pleased that some of mine made the cut! If you would like to add her book to your collection, email her at She is a great cook and she did a great job on this book! The cost is $20.

FYI: I am out of cookbooks, thanks to you all for ordering. I am thinking about ordering a few more so please let me know if you want one before I start this again.

Another item of business: I am thinking of starting and Enlightened Homemaker Store blog. What it will be is a place for you, my homemaker friends, to sell your stuff: ie crafts, cookbooks, products, etc. I will post your info with a buy now button and collect a small percentage. I will then send out pay pal checks weekly and email you weekly with your sales details. This will also be a place for you to advertise your stores or services. The only other fees will be the pay pal fees which are minimal or you may request check services only if you do not want pay pal. Please email me asap if you are interested so I can decide if this is worth it!

Sorry for the lack of posts, this has been a crazy week. More to come shortly!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's garden time again!!!

I really can't believe it is time to garden again. I still have plants
that are producing but I must rip them out and start anew. I do love the fall garden, I love to be able to pick fresh lettuce daily for sandwiches and salads and spinach for smoothies. If you missed the summer garden; get ready, you have a few weeks. You need to be getting your soil ready. It is perfect to plant when the temperature cools down to around 100 , "cool down" and "100 degrees" really shouldn't be in the same sentence. Anyways, you want to prep the soil and give it a week to rest so get to work.
I am hoping to get the old plants ripped out this weekend and have it tilled and ready by the next. What to plant?

Here are my favorites:

Lettuce, all varieties
Green Beans

I am sure I am leaving something out. What is your favorites? Lettuce is real easy to grow so if you are a beginner, start there. You can easily do this in a big planter if you don't have a garden yet. If you like the baby spring mix that you can get at the store, that is a great thing to plant at home. I just throw the seeds into the furrow in the garden or in a big planter; a good variety mix. I don't space them or bury them - just toss. Then, I water and wait patiently. They will grow like a big clump but all you do is snip the tops when you want some lettuce, leaving the plant in the ground. This gives you your baby greens and lets the plant keep reproducing for you all winter long. I leave some romaine and head lettuce growing for the whole plant but I love the baby greens. You can do this with spinach also. It's a great way to maximize your gardening space. I am going to do my best to stagger my broccoli this year so we don't have 16 heads all at once.

So, if you missed spring, you have another chance - take it! It is well worth it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spicy Black Bean Cakes with Lime Sour Cream

I hesitate to post a picture of this meal because they really don't do it justice. I even questioned after making them that my children would even fall for it. But, they did and they were quite tasty. They are sort of mexican hashbrownish type food. Lime sour cream is a must go with these little patties. They are made with shredded sweet potato and black beans so they are a perfect portion of protein and nutrition. They taste great and made a great meal with a big salad and fresh fruit of the season.

Spicy Black Bean Cakes
Martha Stewart Recipe

2 T. olive oil
4 scallions, thinly sliced
6 garlic cloves, minced
1 to 2 jalapeno chiles, finely chopped
1 T. ground cumin
2 cans black beans or home cooked, drained and rinsed
salt and pepper
1 large sweet potato, peeled and coarsely grated ( 2 cups )
1 large egg
1/2 C. plain dried bread crumbs (use planko crumbs for gluten free)

Heat broiler. In small skillet over medium heat, warm olive oil and cook scallions until softened, about 1 min. Add garlic, jalapeno and cumin. Cook about 30 seconds, don't burn! Transfer to a large bowl.

Add beans to the bowl; mash with a fork or potato masher, leaving about 1/4 of the beans whole. Season generously with salt and pepper. Fold in the sweet potato, egg and bread crumbs. Divide into 8 balls of equal size; flatten into patties.

Brush a baking sheet with olive oil; place patties on the sheet. Drizzle with a little oil on top of each pattie. Broil 4 inches from heat until golden; 8 -10 minutes. With a spatula, flip over and broil until crisp. Serve with lime sour cream.

Lime Sour Cream

1/2 cup sour cream
2 t. fresh lime juice
1 small jalapeno, minced

Mix all and serve on the side for dipping. I doubled this.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mediterranean Wisdom

When I was a working girl in the early days of my marriage, I had a boss who shared my passion for food. She traveled quite a bit and would come back with tales of delectibles from foreign lands. If I was lucky, I would get a cookbook or a dish of some sorts. I drank it all in. One particular place she raved about has always stuck with me. The Mediterranean. It has been on my mind a great bit lately along with two other topics of interest: the liver and the Word of Wisdom (read it here). Of course, this is all about food, about what food we eat and what food we should be eating. It is about the fact that people have cancer all around me and it isn't just the old folks anymore; it is the younger folk now. It is family and friends that simply should be enjoying their prime, not fighting to keep it. I have been deep in thought. I have been evaluating why in America we insist on killing ourselves early. I remember the Mediterranean. Here is your lesson.

Researchers have been looking at the Mediterranean countries for over 50 years and have noted that the people living there are uncommonly healthy. The common issues we face here such as heart disease, diabetes, gallstones and high cholesterol, just to name a few, are rare in the Mediterranean. It is not because they have better health care or better drugs, it is because they eat the way we should be all eating; the way the Word of Wisdom tells us to and the way our liver wants us to eat. They eat fresh fruits and veggies in abundance. They eat lots of grains and beans, not just wheat and refried beans; the other ones - the healthier ones. They eat meat sparingly, only once to twice a week and they eat fresh fish. Hmmmm, does this sound familiar? As I have been studying this, as I have been reading that the liver is the engine to our body and that red meat in particular is very hard on it, that cancer thrives on a body fed meat, that the meat we get is full of pesticides and hormones, that it is hard to digest, that the Lord tells us to not eat it but only in times of winter and famine; I think to myself - why do we need to really think about it at all? It is pretty clear. America makes us thinks otherwise.

We are brainwashed by the Dairy Council and Cattleman's association that we NEED it. That if we don't get it we will surely die. Did you know that breast milk contains 6% protein and cow's milk contains 22% percent protein? Do you think God would make food for a human child that did not meet his needs? Do you know that we can get all the protein we need from grains, veggies and beans? You can learn more about that here. After reading and pondering, the issue was clear to me; go Mediterranean. I was already using meat only every other day but now I decided that was too much. I read another great compelling article on the Word of Wisdom (read it here) and decided that I was ready to take the next step. My husband followed suit and we are meat free.

Now, to not be misunderstood; I am not against meat. In moderation I believe it is totally fine. I believe that if we only ate it up to a couple times a week it would do us no harm. I may eat some but I just don't want to right now. I feel good. I like the way I am eating right now and don't really want to go back to meat. My husband feels the same way. People think that going meatless limits you. On the contrary, it opens so many other doors. You have to get more creative, you have to look at all the grains, beans and produce out there. I have made some of the tastiest creations this last week and my kids, who were sure they were going to hate this, have not even noticed. I still feed them meat a few times a week and they can have it whenever they want when they are out. It is their decision to make. But, they like the food. There is no real sacrifice here, Only blessings.

I don't think it is wrong for anyone to eat meat, I just think it is wise to not eat so much. Try it out, see how you feel. I will have lots of new recipes for you to try out "meatless" and if you want, you can throw meat in them. Baby steps. I really must stop researching topics, too much info and I absolutely will not look into any research that talks negatively about chocolate. I have limits.

First recipe:

Greek Orzo

1 small onion, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 C. diced zucchini
1 T. olive oil
1 can 15 (oz) plum tomatoes, drained and mashed
1 t. dried oregano
1/2 t. dried sage
1/2 t. black pepper
1/4 t. red pepper flakes
1 cup orzo
1/3 C. crumbled feta

Saute onion and garlic in oil for 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and zucchini break them up into small pieces. Stir in spices. Simmer , stirring occasionally for 15 minutes or until most of the liquid is evaporated.

While simmering, cook orzo in boiling water for 10 minutes or until tender. Drain and add to pan with tomatoes and spices. Stir in feta and cook for a minute until it just begins to melt. Serve warm. Any veggies would be great added.