Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting in Gear

Whomever the person is who gave us fall break, bless them. We just returned from another glorious week at the beach. It was a little rough getting up this morning to an alarm but somehow, we dug deep and got out the door. I pieced some sort of breakfast and lunch together out of absolutely nothing in the fridge. Thanks to the chickens who welcomed me home with an egg to make some muffins and the few scraps here and there in the fridge. I wondered how it would be if I couldn't shop today and had to live off what I had for a month. I am halfway tempted to try it but after a week at the beach, I desperately need some good greens. Sure, we could survive. I do have a year supply but I would miss the fresh food and the garden isn't quite in yet. The chickens were privileged to the garden while I was away since the gate was left open and everything is pretty much down to the stalks. It was time to dig them up anyways but I was going to leave my pepper plants. No more. Hope they enjoyed their feast.

I want to do so many things right now that it is hard to do any of it. It just seems that when your list is so long, it is hard to focus on any of it if you know what I mean. I am picking up a 40 pound box of apples today that will need processing, I need to get my garden in this week, preschool lessons planned and taught, a merit badge clinic I need to teach on cooking, baseball and soccer games, etc. , etc. All good things but so overwhelming. Add to that the 20 loads of sandy laundry waiting for me and grandparents who need visiting. I just realized that it is also early release for parent teacher conference this week which means less productive hours at my house. Oh well, glad to have the kids home. I guess they will have to be put to work.

Anyways, I love this time of year. The holiday's are beginning. I am anxious for cool weather and family time. I love having my family together and know that that time is drawing more and more to an end. The oldest is applying for college now and soon a mission. I realized that at the beach this week, it may be his last time there with us for a few years. Big time mommy pains. How could time go so quickly? 

Thank you fall break. Thanks for letting me have my children for a week. Sorry we dodged out on the ball games but I just had to have them to myself. Just a little longer. Today I will work on my list. Laundry first, food next. At least we are starting out the week with great tans and fully rested spirits. Hope you all had a good break too.

If you live out in the east valley and want to get a 40 pound box of local organic apples to munch on this week too, shoot me an email. My friend has a few boxes of Granny Smith left for $40 for the box. Super great deal. They are going fast!!


Liesl said...

Hi Shari, so glad you got to enjoy your family this week. We went off to the beach too. Simply glorious!! I wanted to ask you what all you feed your chickens. I've read in a couple of places on the internet that corn and soy are not in a chicken's natural diet yet those are the first two ingredients in their feed. I also feed them a layer enhancer from the BYF and produce scraps, but I want to get away from the regular feed. Do you think they'll get enough nutrition from a grass yard where they can scratch for bugs and worms? I have 10 hens and they're in a pretty good sized yard so they're not crowded. I've even thought about planting a garden for them to eat from. What do you think? Am I overthinking things? Thanks!

Shari Goodman said...

I was actually going to post about that! I will do a post tomorrow but you are right in line with my thinking!

Bobbi Jo said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I totally understand needing the greens. Love your blog. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Liesl said...

Yay!! I'm so glad to find someone who doesn't think I'm stressing out over nothing. I just want to get back to their true basics so that all these eggs I'm eating are in line with my "basics".

Kelli Brown said...

As always, it was great beaching with you guys and spending the week in decompression mode. I love having a solid week with the kiddos, being outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, reading good books, spending time with family, and sleeping hard every night listening to the waves. Good times. So glad our kids are creating these memories with their cousins. Have a great week, Shari!

Julie Chesley said...

The beach was the best and I am so glad my kids got to know their cousins - you guys rock!