Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tips for a successful school year.....

My daughter emailed her older and wiser missionary brother for tips for her senior year. I loved his response:

"Senior advice:
1. Dont worry about what people think. Most people are dumb and their opinion doesn't matter
2. Be a female Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec TV show character)
3. Have adventures, even if they are mini but slightly rebelious
4. Stick with your true friends. Ditching them to be "popular" is lame, and one in college cares if you were cool or popular in highschool
5. Dont fall for that peer pressure crap. Be true to yourself
Thats my advice my dear sis. I love you and keep on loving life"

I loved his advice and agree with it all. Maybe I wouldn't use the exact wording but I love his train of thought for my daughter. She is missing having him at school with her so I am glad she has a little of his wisdom to take with her. 

As a older and wiser mother, now in the business for 19 1/2 years, I also have some words of wisdom to kick off this school year. Take it or leave it or maybe you already do it...or not. This is what works in the Goodman home.

The single most important thing moms can do to have a successful school year.....


Huge! Like big time huge if you want to have more time in the day and feel organized. I know that if I get ready after I get the kids off and the house picked up and all that jazz, it seems like it is already lunch time. At that point, I have very little time left to do things before they get home. If I am ready before I get the kids off; as soon as they leave, I can quickly clean up the breakfast mess and the general picking up. I am then ready to do whatever I want/need to do. I know babies throw a little curve ball into this routine but you will at least be clean and cute to sit and take care of them. It feels so much better to be out of jammies and ready to roll. If someone calls you last minute who needs help or someone stops by unexpected, you are ready. In addition, it is nice to have a little quiet time before you are bombarded with questions and requests. I am much happier if I can get going without falling into the immediate mommy role. It is so worth getting a little less sleep. I promise.



I always tell people when they are embarking on a nutritional journey for their family to always start with a good breakfast. Kids need brain food. As a teacher, I can testify that the kids who come to class on sugar cereal and Pop tarts are like wild monkeys. It is almost impossible for them to sit still and focus. I know because I ask them what they eat. Cereal is not good for you. It is dead food. It is full of preservatives, GMO corn, sugar and food coloring. Then, throw in some almost impossible to digest milk and you have a perfect storm. Breakfast doesn't have to be fancy or time consuming. It just takes some premeditation.

Smoothies are quick and easy. You can make whole grain waffle and pancake batter up the night before and even use it for several days. It is even healthier if you make it up ahead of time as the phytic acid and proteins break down if you add some buttermilk, yogurt, kefir or lemon. You can make whole grain muffins and freeze them. Good old toast and jelly or eggs are a great stand bye as well. I use honey,fruit, real maple syrup or coconut sugar as my sweeteners so the kids aren't full of processed sugar. Don't fall for the cereal trap. It is more expensive than making breakfast yourself anyways.



I know by the time bedtime rolls around, you are ready to throw in the towel but if you go to bed with dishes in the sink, toys laying around, school papers not signed and general next day prep not done, you will start off in the red at the get go. Somehow a half hour of prep the night before seems to give you at least an hour jump start the next day. I don't know why but it happens that way. I rarely ever go to bed with dishes in the sink or the house not picked up. It is a sure way to ruin my morning if I do. When you are running around like a chicken with their head cut off looking for kids shoes, school papers and trying to undig the kitchen to make breakfast, the day is not going to run smoothly. A little "pre" work goes a long way. 

I am the type of person that can't handle a huge mess. If I have a big mess ahead of me or projects unorganized, I feel overwhelmed. I spin my wheels and waste time. I need to keep things organized and working in a rhythm so my messes are small and projects are manageable. Life is just easier that way.

May this be a good school year for you all. As much as I am sad to say goodbye to summer, I love having the routines back and truth be told, a little peace and quiet is nice as well. 


Kerri said...

I can only imagine what "K" may have told you at school regarding breakfast! Luckily, we are a big breakfast family! It's my favorite meal of the day! K especially loves yogurt and granola though! Yum! Love all your tips! Good reminders for all of us!

Mrs. Anderson said...

You are an awesome mom! I sure am missing those boys of yours. I have to say that everything you suggest makes a difference! I saw this every single day with your boys. I was blessed to have them as students.

Shari Goodman said...

We miss you too, Dee Dee! I hope your missionary is doing well! Thanks for the kind words!

Shari Goodman said...

Kerri, I never had to ask Kapri what she had. It was evident. She was a great student and I miss her!

heather said...

Glad you are "back". Great advice from both you and your missionary!