Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finishing strong.

First off, this post isn't about running. Secondly, I am not a runner despite the above photo. Thirdly, you won't see a number pinned on me again. 

There is a mentality out there in the workout world that drives me crazy. I am sure many people don't care and many aren't educated in the first place but it makes me want to scream at times. I have seen the damage done, sometimes irreparable. It may not matter to you but it will affect you. There is such a focus on how we look that the big picture can be lost. What we need to focus on is not how we look, but how we feel. Many of us will be on this earth much past our 'looking good' years. What we did to our bodies during our body obsessive period will determine how we feel the rest of our lives. You may be here for 90+ years. How do you want to ride that out?

I am a total advocate of getting exercise. It is good for the soul and the body. If you like to run, run. If you like cross fit, do it. Do something. Be outside and be active. What drives me totally nuts is those who are so fixated with what their bodies look like and how many races they run and how much they can lift that they totally neglect the health of their body. Being active is important but what is more important is what you are putting into your body and how well you treat it. 

You can be skinny and rock hard and be a total mess on the inside. Consequently, you can be a little curvy and soft on the edges and be a total picture of health. If we would only change our mindset to becoming healthy our race on this earth would be a much more pleasant and better race.

I get soooooo many emails from women who are a total mess right now. As I have said before, many of them are workout nuts. Their daily workout routines have not made them healthy. My first question to them when they email me: What are you eating? I cringe when I hear about their protein shakes and bars. Oh the false advertising and conspiring ads! Oh, my friends, please, oh please be wise! Your body deserves so much more. It is your only place to live.

Let me tell you a little something about protein supplements. In just about every one of them, there is soybean isolates or whey protein isolates. You are told that soy and whey is a great source of protein, right? Well, maybe in the days of old soy and whey were good. But, what happens now is the way the soy has been genetically modified and how our cows have been pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Now, take those products and  hydrolyze them. When you do that, you are now changing the chemical process of the whole food and you are creating the isolates thus releasing the glutamates. Have you heard of MSG? You all know that is bad. Well, that's what you have when you create isolates. Look at your protein bars and drinks. Any of that sound familiar? MSG is devastating to the body. I have only seen one protein drink that is worthy of being on the shelf and that is by Sunwarrior. It has sprouted brown rice protein. With that said, I still prefer whole foods that I see in its original form. 

Why in the world do you need protein shakes anyways? How about a handful of nuts and an egg? It's way cheaper and its real. Unadulterated. You aren't going to kill your thyroid with an egg. And, if you are going to lecture me about the fat content in eggs and nuts, get over that one! You need healthy fat. It  will digest as it should in your body unlike other fats. I eat raw peanut butter nearly everyday. It is the perfect pick me up on an apple at lunch. Did you know the pectin in the apple helps to regulate your blood sugar? It will help you get through the afternoon sleepies. 

Don't even get me started on the workout people that are drinking their Diet Cokes. I have visited that way too many times. Just don't email me when you have arthritis wondering how to fix it. Stop drinking it now!!

Just eat right. Eat real food. I know there are so many diets out there right now but if you eat real food, in moderation, you will be fine. Don't eat out of boxes. Eat organic. Drink water. Cook at home. Eat good fats. Eat a hearty breakfast. Limit meats and keep them organic. Did you know that pesticides are stored in muscles (animal meat)  so if you are eating non-organic meats, you are getting higher dosages of pesticides than those in your non organic produce? High Paleo diets can be very hard on your liver and bodies with these pesticides. Eat a good variety of healthy foods.

Don't overdo it! You only have one set of knees and feet. They are meant to last a lifetime. If you are abusing them through  exercise  or by being overweight, you will pay the price. If you are running all the time, you are going to wear them out. Exercise for health, not for medals and big muscles. 

Stretch! If you have tight muscles, you will pull your bones out of whack and tear muscles. Yoga, pilates, foam rollers will help keep you stay stretchy and loose. I used to always have my back and hip out of place. Ever since I started to focus on my stretching, I rarely have to get fixed. Keep loosy goosy.

I may not look quite as good in my jeans as I did a few years ago. However, I feel better than ever. I have lots of energy. I can do a hard workout and finish strong. I don't have any health problems and life is good. 

Ladies, we need to focus on the big picture. How do you want to run your race? How do you want to get to the finish line? If we don't take care of ourselves, someone else will probably end up having to take care of us. Don't you think that is a little selfish? Some things we can't control but for the most part, it is up to us. Being unhealthy is a burden to our families. Take charge and step it up.

Life is good. Enjoy it all. 


GrainCrazy said...

Great words. I agree with you. Could you look on your apple wedges post you did for me. Someone had a question. Thanks

Tara said...

Wonderful post! Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed to hear today!

Heidi said...

What a great way to look at health.

Melissa said...

Amen! Agree