Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ham and Pear Pannini

The good news today was that I cleaned out my refrigerator. The bad news... it was because it broke down last night. Thank goodness I needed to grocery shop and didn't have a whole lot in the fridge that was worth keeping. $155 bucks and repairman AL saved the day. What did they ever do without a fridge? Anyways, it was 6:02 and I had no idea what to make for dinner. Going out to eat sounded like the best option until I saw 3 sweaty and very dirty little boys that would take much to long to make presentable. HMMMMM, what to make with the very little ingredients before me. Luckily, I always stash some Naan bread for pannini's from Fresh and Easy. They even have whole wheat now. I had a package of Black Forest ham , two pears and 1/3 brick of Monterey jack. Throw in a fresh cantaloupe and some baby spinach and we had a dinner. It was delicious. I am sold on the pannini's using good ole George (foreman). You can put anything between two slices of Naan, or other good bread and make a meal. The picture doesn't look like anything great but it was very tasty. Here you go for a quick dinner. Try it out.

Ham and Pear Pannini
Black Forest ham or Honey ham
Mild Cheese like Monterey Jack or Brie
Ripe pears
Dijon Mustard
Naan Bread or other firm bread
Baby Spinach
Soft butter or olive oil
Fresh Cracked Pepper
Spread one side with mustard. Layer ham, peeled and sliced pears, spinach and cheese. Grind fresh cracked pepper over cheese. Lay second slice of bread and spread a little butter or olive oil on one side. Flip buttered side down on foreman or pannini grill and butter top side. Close lid and melt.

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johnson six said...

That sounds yummy! I have been considering getting a pannini maker ever since my friend Jenne (you know the Express flooring lady) had a pannini party. She laid out lots of meats, cheeses and other fun toppings and everyone made their own. She also made this special spread that was to die for! I think it was cream cheese, mayo, artichokes and a little spice (garlic possibly).