Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Farmer's Markets.....

With the coming of fall also comes the opening of the farmers markets around the valley. There are certain stands that stay open year round, but many of the weekly markets only open around this time. Why should you care when you can just pop into your local grocery store and pick the perfectly polished fruit? There are a few reasons and I know I talked about this a bit before but it is reminder time. First of all, did you know that produce from the local farmers markets are general delivered to the stand within 24 hours of harvest versus 14 days or more at the grocery store? This also means that they are generally ripened on the vine or bush or whatever. What that means to you is that the longer they ripen to maturity, the more vitamins they have. Also, local produce usually contains little or no pesticides. Another bonus; usually cheaper prices. You will not usually get the best looking produce but the taste makes up for that. I love the Guadalupe farmers market close to me on Power just east of Elliot. They are getting so much more organic foods at such a great price. There will be a new one opening soon on Gilbert road in old town Gilbert at the Liberty Market that will have produce grown here at Joe's farm. There are some cute stands all over the valley that are fun to take the kids to to get that old town feel. Check this link here to find where to go and I am sure there are more. Post if you have a favorite or if you are an out-or-towner, google your local sites. Your body will thank you. Hey, if we are going to eat our veggies, lets make sure they are full of the most vitamins we can get!

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