Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Essential Oils web page and orders...

I have been asked about the new Essential Oil Web page and what oils I use. The new link is at the right under "Be Young essential oils". The web page still says "Forever Green" but that has changed to Be Young. When you are on the main page, go to the left side under categories and click on essential oils for the list of oils. I am ordering this Friday for anyone interested. I am also placing a large order this week so for anyone interested, there will be no tax or shipping charge in state, $5 if you live out of state. The prices you see for the oils are the prices you will pay total. Great Savings. The Spice of Life, now called Touch of Spice will be $29 instead of $34. My personal favorites:

Lemon oil
Orange oil
Tea Tree
Touch of Spice
Breathe (used to be Exchange)

The perfect medicine Chest! There are many more and if you are looking for symptom specific oils, email me and I will let you know!

**I get emails from those with great stories from using the oils. The latest is from Linda who says her husband has issues with periodontal disease and has tried everything. His Dr. told him about a lady who used a product that has helped her immensely. He called this lady to find out that it was the Spice of Life! They are now using it as toothpaste with great results. I have heard this was a perfect toothpaste as it kills almost everything and bacteria is why we get tooth and gum decay. You can mix it with some coconut oil to brush with. The best part is no toxic junk in your mouth!

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Terri Burges Hirning said...

I need a Touch of Spice, definitely! Just tell me how much I owe you. Thanks!