Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Basket Thief

I just amaze myself sometimes at the great ideas I can come up with. Pure genius. Here is one for the books. One to pass on so you too can benefit next year. Here's how it played out:

It was late, like 12:30am late and I still wasn't done with the Easter basket preparations. My children love me to make silly rhyming clues to find each of their baskets, a tradition my creative mother started thus making me to believe that this is just how it is done. Thanks , Mom. Anyways, I was tired and really didn't feel like making 10 clues each for 5 different baskets. Then, the brilliance hit me. The plot: An Easter Basket Napper. 5 baskets held ransom. The demands had to be met or the baskets would not be found. Ever.

They woke up to a note on the fridge. It read something to the effect that a Basket napper had come in the night and had taken the baskets hostage. If the following list of 10 demands were not met, the baskets would never be returned. Here is where the fun started. The list contained a list of demands such as make beds, my eldest son had to shave his face (something I have been begging him to do for a month, much needed, trust me) ,they all had to sing all versus to the song by White Stripes "Friends" while son #1 played it on the guitar, they had to draw a picture of the Easter bunny, etc... etc.... Anyways, I had beds made, my son had a nice clean face and after their belly buttons had said the colors of the rainbow, the baskets were returned. Great fun. We were both happy. What a great game! Suckers!

Hope you all had as much fun! If not, you may borrow this for next year. I think the next years list will be much bigger. I wonder just how much the baskets are worth to them? Hmmm. We will see.

If you have a few too many eggs around your house, here is a fun little game my mom played with us as little ones. Once again, thanks Mom.Ever so creative. Enjoy!

Pile a mound of flour on a plate. Put an egg on top. Have each child take turns with a butter knife slicing away a section of flour. Keep passing around the knife until someone makes the egg fall. I played this with cub scouts too and they didn't want to stop. Good cheap fun.


Melissa said...


Hey I am teaching a class on Laundry any good ones?

Shari Goodman said...

Only the obvious tips. I have the color separation bins, lights, whites, darks and colors. They each hold as much as will fit in one load so I know that when they are full, its time for a load. I have a basket right under the dryer for the clean clothes when they come out. That way they go straight into the folding basket where I can fold while watching TV and then use the same basket for folded laudry delivering. I have found that if I don't have a clear system, it doesnt work well. Kids also know that if they have a stain, they must put the stain stick on the stain before they put it into the color separation bins.

Anonymous said...

Great fun! I told my kids that I requested no candy this year from the Easter bunny, That way when they saw the basket they did not complain. I was a little shocked,but it worked : ) They did get some candy from the extended family -Cindy