Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gardening pumped up.....

I went to an absolutely amazing gardening seminar this past weekend, cancelling the traffic school I had to go to saving it for another less important day. This was well worth it and I simply can't wait to learn it all so I can teach everyone. I plan on going pro with this new method in a year so get ready! Some of you may have heard about it but I in my 14 plus years of gardening had never seen this method - The Mittleider Method. You can check in out at They have books and even fertilizer that you can purchase. It is organic which is huge for me and super easy, also huge. The gentlemen presenting this method is Mr. Jim Kennard and he has done this forever under Mr. Jacob Mittleider. Mr. Mettleider and Mr. Kennard have traveled the world revolutionizing growing methods to third world and even larger countries. It is their mission to teach the world how to sustain themselves and grow triple the crops in one third of the water. They teach that food can be grown in any climate, in any soil. It is how you water, space and feed. You can even grow in sand and saw dust. Promise. Check out the website, order some fertilizer and go to town. You can still plant now. Email me if you have any questions but I am trying to soak it all in myself. I thought I knew it all but once again I have proven to yet be perfect. Another example.... I never knew that you could grow potatoes from the eye of an existing potato. If you are also potato ignorant like is the deal. Just cut up one inch chunks of the potato where the little yucky roots are growing out, at least a quarter inch.Let them air out for a few hours then plant them with the root facing up. The photo above is my cute little potatoes sprouting up. The potatoes grow in clusters underneath. I just can't wait to harvest them. So exciting.

This instructor kept driving in the point that he believes at some point we will probably all need to be eating from our garden. He firmly states, "Everyone MUST have a garden." No more excueses. Get it done. However little it may be.


Kara said...

lovely, I went to this seminar too. I already have my garden in, but wanted to do his weekly feeding. Did you buy a packet of his micro nutrients? When I was there I was thinking I could make my own, but looking through my notes now, I am lost. I wish I could have gone all three days so that I could soak more up.

I find the website hard to navigate, but have found this blog to be really helpful and true to the method:

Anonymous said...

This is what I have in my notes. FYI-Sara Fisk bought the DvD's.
The pre-fertalizer mix is-
40lbs gypsum
2 lbs epson salt
1/2 lb Borax or 1 empty corn can
Mix together. Sprinkle 2- corn cans evenly per row (for 30 ft row). Stores indefinately.

Weekly feed-
1 -25 lbs bag Virgoro all purpose fertalizer (Hope Depot-this is what his bag was)
4 lbs epson salt. Mix well.
sprinkle 1 corn can per 30 ft row.
Good Luck-Cindy

RPH said...

Thanks for the link!

I have to comment on the potatoes! Growing up in Arizona, I had no idea how they grew either. Now I live in the land of potatoes and the first time we planted them in the garden I was amazed. My husband took some potatoes his dad had saved from last years crop, cut them in half and stuck em in the ground. I love how they are all clumped up under the dirt!

Good luck! And thanks again for the link. I am going to check the link Kara gave too. You guys make a great team!

Marilyn said...

Oh-I heard about these seminars too late to go! Could you share some of the ideas? I have heard of it. P.S. We have potatoes growing too!