Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Preparing Wisely June Deals....

oops, totally forgot to post these great deals from Preparing Wisely for June. You have a couple weeks left. Take advantage, especially the soft white wheat. You will love it!
50 lb Bag Soft White Wheat
Soft White Wheat is great to use in pancakes, cookies, muffins and biscuits.
Sale Price: $25.00
(Regularly $35.00)
SAF Yeast 16 oz.
In our opinion SAF yeast is the best on the market.
Sale Price: $3.00 (Regularly $4.00)
Liquid Lecithin 16 oz.
Liquid Lecithin can be used in place of oil when making bread.
It will store longer and has nutritional benefits.
Sale Price: $3.50 (Regularly $4.50)

Click their link to the right for more info.

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Tiffany said...

Hey Shari...not sure if you were taking pre-orders for your cook book,....but I hope you know I WANT ONE!!! i have been trying so hard to get my pantry and fridge "naked"....not anywhere compared to your standards...but I am getting there...baby steps...and it feels so good. It's just like you said...if cheetos are there...of course they will eat them...when all we have are frits and vegetables...that's exactly what we have been eating. However I am dying for some more "all natural" quick recipes...seems like all my quick and easy recipes ALL contain cream of mushroom/chicken soup, etc. SO PLEASE count me in!!
And your Saturday getaways have inspired us...we're going camping this weekend! Thanks for your wonderful example!