Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's Saturday, 8am....Do you have your run in and the chores done ready for your
weekend adventure? Remember the time issue....only so many hours in a day, so many days in lifetime?

Our family decided at the commencement of summer that we would not spend a Saturday at home. We would have yard work done prior to the weekend and would make sure that each and every Saturday was spent somewhere else, outdoors, preferably in a beautiful location like the photo above at our family cabin. So far, this idea has worked. It has been wonderful. It has been unifying. We get away from life, from responsibilities, from mundane work.

We have gone to the beautiful Fossil Springs outside of Strawberry and stopped at the top of the mountain to get goat fudge from the creamery. The kids swam in the very chilly waters , swung on rope swings and tried to catch fish with homemade fishing lines. We spent weekends at the cabin riding the dirt bike and golf cart, making forts in the pines and eating lots of food. We have enjoyed lazy afternoons in Grandma Cindy's paradise backyard lounging in the pool. The point is to make use of our time. It is becoming very apparent to me that I only have three more summers left with my oldest son before he leaves for his own adventures. I can't believe that time can possibly go by that fast, it was only yesterday that I was teaching him how to walk. Now he is almost ready to drive. Yikes. I want to hold on to these years. I want him to leave with a bag full of memories that he has to look back on, a childhood of adventures and time spent building family relationships that carry on through time. Of course, when all said and done, that is one of the only things we can take with us. Family.

So, today is Saturday. The outdoors are calling.....what adventure we have in store? Something with a desert, water , rocks and tennis shoes. We will end the day with a Father Son outing to the Dbacks game (thanks, Bonds) and I get a little down time to finally make some garden fresh salsa. I just can't wait.

Hope you make the best of your day. Don't waste it. Life is fabulous.

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Britt said...

Great post. We are currently trying to find that balance of playing and getting the work done.
We had a great time seeing you guys! Thanks for making time to visit while we were there.