Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Essential Oil Cases

My friend, Cindy Sage, is a fellow oil addict and has come up with a great idea for carrying them in your purse. It is far better than my little "zip lock baggie" system.
She has sewn these little pouches in various sizes to hold the bottles. They hold a few large bottles and then she sells these cute little bottles that you can put your oils into for traveling. The are ever so cute in adorable fabrics. I absolutely love mine because I just must have my oils with me at all times. I am so dependent on them now.

Here is a picture of her three sizes. I have the small one , at least until I get a bigger purse, then I will upgrade. I carry lemon, peppermint, spice of life, eucalyptus, digest, lavender , tea tree and fysical thera P. They are my first aide oils. If you haven't gotten into these yet; you really must. I was a little unsure at first but I have my own personal successes with them and so many others are sharing theirs with me. I will be sharing those in upcoming blogs! As always, going natural is the best medicine. We just need to learn how to use the natural remedies.

To check out Cindy's great cases, visit her at addicted to

**I am placing oil orders this week for anyone needing supplies.


Annabeth said...

Be Young Essential Oils website doesn't have their products listed currently....
do they have a package deal on the 'first aid kit' oils?

Shari Goodman said...

I don't know why they don't have their products listed yet but here is what I get them for:
lemon oil 15
peppermint 16
Eucalyptus 12
Lavender 19
Oregano 24
Orange 11
Tea Tree 22
Digest 26
Breathe 23
Spice of Life 29

No shipping or tax

**They currently do not have a bundled deal

Annabeth said...

Thanks Shari. I also found this site that looks comparable; organic e.o.'s plus a whole lot more! I'm going to check out their organic spices.

Annabeth said...

oops, here's the site!