Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's garden time again!!!

I really can't believe it is time to garden again. I still have plants
that are producing but I must rip them out and start anew. I do love the fall garden, I love to be able to pick fresh lettuce daily for sandwiches and salads and spinach for smoothies. If you missed the summer garden; get ready, you have a few weeks. You need to be getting your soil ready. It is perfect to plant when the temperature cools down to around 100 , "cool down" and "100 degrees" really shouldn't be in the same sentence. Anyways, you want to prep the soil and give it a week to rest so get to work.
I am hoping to get the old plants ripped out this weekend and have it tilled and ready by the next. What to plant?

Here are my favorites:

Lettuce, all varieties
Green Beans

I am sure I am leaving something out. What is your favorites? Lettuce is real easy to grow so if you are a beginner, start there. You can easily do this in a big planter if you don't have a garden yet. If you like the baby spring mix that you can get at the store, that is a great thing to plant at home. I just throw the seeds into the furrow in the garden or in a big planter; a good variety mix. I don't space them or bury them - just toss. Then, I water and wait patiently. They will grow like a big clump but all you do is snip the tops when you want some lettuce, leaving the plant in the ground. This gives you your baby greens and lets the plant keep reproducing for you all winter long. I leave some romaine and head lettuce growing for the whole plant but I love the baby greens. You can do this with spinach also. It's a great way to maximize your gardening space. I am going to do my best to stagger my broccoli this year so we don't have 16 heads all at once.

So, if you missed spring, you have another chance - take it! It is well worth it.


Kami said...

Awesome! I don't know if it's right to plant sugar snap peas right now, but I did it last year and it worked, we loved them. We're new to this, but trying it again this year. :)

MMW said...

Do I need to re-apply compost? Prep the soil with some fertilizer before planting? I'd love some hints.

Laurie said...

darn...I'll be missing another season! I'll have to come over and eat your lettuce! :o)

Diana said...

I heard about the lettuce you leave in the ground and you just pick the leaves. Do you know what is called?
Do you have a brand of seeds that you have had success with? This is my first year planting in the winter and I'm way excited. I think radishes are also a winter crop. Can't remember if that's on your list. Happy gardening!

Shari Goodman said...

It is always good to add extra nutrients to the soil before planting each season. If your soil is clay like and hard, gypsum is great to add, mulch is always good and some good organic fertilizer. You never have to but it always helps. Sand is also good to add if the soil is hard. If you go to a nursery, they will help you out with how much to buy. On most bags on the back it will tell you also.

Yes, radishes are in season as well. As for lettuce, you can get a package called "salad bowl" or some other spring type lettuce but you can use romaine as well and just use the leaves. I have done all kinds but ice burg, that really needs to be a head.

Paula said...

I am so excited to have my space this year! Can't wait to see what will grow. We are also doing the Garden Box's again. If any one is interested just let me know, we will also deliver soil.

RPH said...

This post makes me really miss AZ! Our garden here in Idaho is just about finished and will soon be covered in snow. boohoo. I wish I could be thinking of veggies out there again this winter. You are so lucky!

Diana said...

Here's a wonderful resource:

DK said...

Shari, I thought of you when I saw this recipe...

Anonymous said...

Last year we discovered that we love turnips and swiss chard. So we also added that to our fall garden.