Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My opposition to the Flu Shot....

Why don't I want the flu shot? Why will I gamble with my chances? Why will I pull my kids out of school if forced to get the N1H1 shot (which mind you is mandatory in Massachusetts) ? Let me explain what your Dr. won't, and give you some facts that are quickly covered up when put out there. Flu shots are big money and whenever there is big money, their is a lot done to keep the money flowing. Whatever the cost.

Here are my reasons, decide for yourselves:

The flu is usually not fatal. Sure in a very few, mostly little babies and the elderly, but it is due to a weak immune system and would do better to be improved upon, than a weak body pumped with a toxic flu shot. Do you know any average healthy Joe who recently died of the flu? The flu is a nuisance to have, and may make you stay down for a week, but the germ itself is less of a threat than what hides in the vaccine. Many Dr.s don't even know what is in the shot let alone the average consumer. If they did, they would run from it.

Here is a little low down on that from vaccine researcher Marry Tocco: She says that many of the flu shots contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal, which is a form of ethyl mercury that is extremely toxic to humans. I know this personally as my son had high levels of mercury in his body and mercury surrounds the brain. It is very hard to get out of the body and very costly. It forms a barrier to the brain and they are linking this to all sorts of issues from autism to Alzheimer's. Dr.s will try to tell you that thimerosal has been removed from all the vaccines but the truth is that many of the flu vaccines still has thimerosal. Are you willing to chance if your vaccine is one of them? This is especially dangerous for little ones as the levels of this toxin is even higher in the flu shot than outlined as safe in other vaccines. If that isn't enough to make you think twice, here are a few more common ingredients:

Ethylene glycol, another name form antifreeze
Phenol, a type of disinfectant
Formaldehyde, a known cancer causing agent
Aluminum, Cancer causing and Alzheimer's linked
Neomycin, an antibiotic that can cause reactions in some

Still not convinced? Here is some more food for thought:

The flu comes in many different strains, not to mention the many viruses out there that people think are the flu but are really not. The vaccine was created by guess work. "They", whomever that is, tried to guess what virus will be out there and take samples from various groups of people and breed that vaccine for the upcoming season. There are no safety studies created. They just breed them then package them then test them out on the American's. There isn't a long term study test available and much of the research info that is out there is produced from the pharmaceutical companies. The fact is that the year that medicare started to pay for the flu vaccine for the elderly, hospital stays for the elderly flu related went up dramatically. You probably won't hear much of that.

If you are all crazy scared over the pandemic "Swine Flu", if you remember, we were all supposed to be hit with the bird flu and also the rota virus. They tried a vaccine for the rota virus and it was pulled from the market after 6 months. Many took in this toxin for no reason. The pandemic never came.

The story is, it is the flu. It is not a vaccine for cancer. Many people get a horrible case of the flu from the vaccine alone. Why risk it? Why give toxins willingly to your kids. You may not see results now but you may pay later. Better options: keep your body healthy, beef up your immune system with the good stuff, A's, B's , D's, leafy greens, essential oils, whatever it takes. It works.

There you reasons. Thanks for asking Angie!


hyrum♥chelsea said...

amen! :)

Pam said...

I say "NO"! Have a great day!

DK said...

Thank you, I also believe in NO shots. ~Deena


Just what I needed Shari, thank you!!!

Melissa said...


The Glenns said...

Just say no to drugs.

Lauren said...

that's amazing. i have a 3 month old and was told that myself and my husband need to get a flu shot. i never get a flu shot. i don't think i've had the flu in 10 years! thanks for the info!!

Dan Bishop said...

Excellent post. I would disagree that people can't die from the flu, as I almost did, when I was 18! I don't get flu shots so that's not the issue. The issue is that some strains of flu virus can take out a perfectly healthy adult. At 18 I was 6 foot tall and 210 lbs and nearly died from "the flu". I was basically bed-ridden for weeks, not common for me. This is what people are afraid of, not the virus that causes the sniffles and aches. I don't know where I got it, as nobody else around me got sick. Don't take these things lightly.

Shari Goodman said...


Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify however, I never said no one dies of the flu and it can be severe in some and even fatal but chances are a flu shot wouldn't even have prevented your flu as who knows what strain it was anyways. Glad you survived and I recognize that the flu can be a horrible thing in extreme cases.

Kara said...

Last year when I was in the hospital after having a baby, the nurses were so persistent in giving me a flu shot. I think I was asked about a dozen times. I don't even do well visits for my children anymore because of the guilt trip from the doctors. Such a shame this money game.

The Froerer's said...

couldn't agree more!

Jan said...

The flu is a deadly infectious disease and thousands of people die every year from it and from flu-associated deaths (which have laboratory confirmed influenza). While you're right that the strain of influenza that goes around each season is not known, some protection is better than none, in my book.

True that 90% of deaths are for those 65 and older. However, there is also a good percentage of healthy children that die as well. Even if not a huge percentage, I wouldn't want to risk my child being in that percentage.

In 2003, one perfectly healthy 8 yr old boy died in Colorado after a sudden onset of stomach ache fever. He was taken to the ER but a brain inflammation brought on by the influenza killed him in hours.

The day after the boy's death, his parents held a tearful news conference to beg everyone in the community to get flu shots. If more people had been vaccinated, they argued, their child might have never contracted the infection in the first place.

That is the major reason you should get a flu shot. Even if spending a week violently sick and bedridden doesn't worry you, by immunizing yourself you vastly lessen the chances you will spread the virus to some child or older person (family member, friend, or stranger) who might die from it.

From a public health perspective, not getting vaccinated is really unfair. You are taking advantage of "herd immunity" and if everyone agreed with you and did not get vaccinated or the trend becomes so, then an epidemic is more likely (as is the case with so many epidemics recently).

It has taken the medical community decades to make it so that some of these infectious diseases are more rare, but if everyone hadn't gotten vaccinated for small pox or measles, then these certainly would not be rare at this day.

I know there are certainly tragic instances involved with vaccines and I hope not to undermine them. I believe everyone should have a choice but I think it is important to know of the other perspective in order to make an informed choice.

Cindy Sage said...

Jan- We will take our chances and not be guilt tripped into taking a harmful shot that is being fast tracked into the "cure all" shot. I am saddned for anyone that has lost a family member of any age to the flu or side effects from the flu virus, but the flu shot is not the answer! Of the 5 tests that have been scheduled for vaccine safety, no one in the test group has been or will be injected with the adjuvant (the immune booster that makes the vaccine more effective); the adjuvant will be added later for mass vaccination. Injecting without the adjuvant makes the “testing” for safety null and void in my book. What about the polls that say that 60 virologists were asked what they were doing personally about the swine flu. Of the interviewed virologists, thirty said nothing, twenty were stocking Tamiflu, and none mentioned taking the swine flu vaccine.
I say no!

Jan said...


I don't understand your comment on "cure all" shot. I said nothing about the flu shot curing everything. Also, my comments were not directed at the swine flu shot, which is something completely different than the seasonal flu shot. Unfortunately, I think the H1N1 has been rushed into production but that is a completely different topic. Furthermore, my comments were directed as information, not as a guilt trip but like I said, everyone has their own opinion and choice. Just sharing information from the other perspective so people can be informed.

Shari Goodman said...

I understand the other perspective. I understand that people die. However, I have never been against vaccines in general as I know that some have done much good. However, I am for responsible vaccinating. I think we overdo it with kids getting 5-6 at one time and many more than they really need. I am against what they put in them and if they ever cleaned up all the flu vaccines so that the toxins that are in them now were removed, I may have a better feeling about them. The problem is they are not. The problem is that the people who get the flu vaccines are usually the ones with low immunities who can't fight off the bad toxins in the shots. Many of those I know who get the shot are those who get the flu each year. They also seem to be getting worse cases of the flu. I am glad we all have our own choice....I hope that stays the case. I will never get this shot....I would rather take measures to make my body as healthy as possible so it can fight it off on its own. So far, this is working for me and my family. Always better to be preventative....naturally.

Terri Burges Hirning said...

Jan, where has there been PROOF that ANY flu shot has been effective at preventing the flu in any age group????? There is NO proof that the flu vaccine is effective at preventing the FLU. The only way to prevent the flu is to make sure your immune system is working appropriately. THAT is why people die from the flu. Our society is all about fast food, acidifying our systems, not getting enough sleep and stress. If people stayed home (and kept their kids home) while sick that would cut the spread of the disease dramatically along with proper hand washing. But the bottom line is that a healthy immune system WILL protect you, but you have to boost it by good nutrition, sleep, supplements and the like. I think you are barking up the wrong tree with this group. Some of us have had children damaged, for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, by vaccines. I could care LESS about herd immunity now. You talk about protecting other people's kids by vaccinating mine, what about when mine is injured by trying to help someone else's child? So I guess that is just too bad right? At least I protected other people's kids, whew, glad they didn't get the flu that year while mine struggles each day with Autism. I did what I was "supposed to" by getting my child vaccinated. And then he developed Autism and STOPPED SLEEPING the night he got his 4 month shots. No one would help me or him. So, I did my research, for the past 3 years on vaccines and the immune system and have been able to recover him from Autism probably as close as he will come. So now I protect my children by avoiding vaccines and making sure their immune system can protect them, the CDC and mainstream doctors aren't the ones protecting them, that is for sure. It is all about the money. Believe me, being INFORMED has changed my viewpoint 180 degrees. I now understand WHY vaccines fail at protecting us. Maybe you should check out Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Blaylock on his site. They go into why these vaccines don't work, and yes, they are BOTH doctors. Imagine that. Sorry if this came across harsh, I am very passionate about this issue. And when someone says "I know there are certainly tragic instances involved with vaccines and I hope not to undermine them." well that makes me react, since my son is one of those "tragic instances". More people will likely die from the H1N1 vaccine than the flu virus itself. And I would no sooner inject squalene, mercury, aluminum, and all the other TOXIC adjuvants than I would let my child drink poison, that is what that is!

Sterling and Rachel, Xan, Zoe, and Loralie said...

Great post! I worked as an EMT and still refused to get a flu shot.

Cindy Sage said...

Wow Terri- excellently put! All I can say is AMEN! So sorry that people have to deal with such serious life long issues from the shots. I am now informed and will be saying NO!

AMIT said...

Informative information about flu.We should stay away from flu.

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