Monday, January 11, 2010

A few new things I love....

If I come across things that are of good quality, work and can save a buck; I owe it to you, my sister friends, to fill you in. You may all have the 411 on these products/companies but just in case, here you go. Thanks to those who may have tipped me off in these directions!

Next item, New from Loreal, Sulfate Free Everpure conditioner and shampoos. I am a hair product snob and while I don't splurge on too much, I usually never skimp on my hair care products. I tried this out with a coupon and the lure of the "sulfate free" label. I used the moisture control conditioner and was in love. It worked better than my Biolage and I get it without some of the harmful chemicals. Deal! There are lots of coupons out right now so try it out! It is a keeper.

This one I was skeptical of but my SIL told me it worked. The Ped Egg. I am sure you have all seen this on TV and I thought it had to be a scam for sure. I didn't even buy the real one, it was a copy from Revlon. My feet are always in flip flops and even with a pedicure still get rough. Mine were overdue and I tried it out. It was nothing short of amazing! For under 10 bucks and under 3 minutes, my feet were baby soft. It was like a cheese grater (yuck) and took the rough skin off with ease. It is my new best friend. I hope everyone stares at my heels.

Another new thing for me; couponing. I have never in my life been a couponer. It takes too much time and effort. My SIL told me about this coupon site called
Grocery I have seen many other sites but what is so great about this is that it is simple and free. It lists the stores and their sales items. Next to it it tells you if there is a coupon for it and where and how much it is after the coupon. It stars the big stock up deals. I tried it and am hooked. I use it to stock up on year supply items. I was surprised by the great deals out there on products I would really use, not just junk food and sugar cereals. I got my Everpure conditioner for half price. My SIL clips the coupons and puts them in clear pocket folders in a binder alphabetically so you can find them quickly.It is a real easy system and saves a bundle.

Now I have talked about this before but now I have lots of personal experience with it. Nature's Way Activated Charcoal. If you didn't pay attention before, listen now: charcoal is an absorbent. It is what is given to those in the hospital for overdoses or poisonings. It absorbs it and gets it out. Well, it does the same for you when you have a stomach bug, food poisoning, gas, etc. It works like a charm and is real cheap. You can get it from me if you order supplements or from natural stores like Sprouts. It is usually under $10 per bottle and has about 100 pills . It goes on all my trips and I have used it on almost all my trips. I never have to take more than one dose and it stops whatever ails us in it's tracks. Why didn't I know about this before? Thanks , Terri for the tip, again.

So there you have it. My new favorites. If you have a review for me on these products or another great one to share, leave a comment. I will be happy to try something new.


Diane... said...

great recommendations Shari...I'm interested in the Green Bee Produce, also the charcoal, Ped Egg, etc... THANKS!!!

Lindsey said...

LOVE the Pedi, LOVE can't wait to try Loreal (just clipped MY coupon) and will try the other two things too!

Cindy Sage said...

I usually use Essential oils for tummy issues...but I was dying a few weeks ago with terrible heart burn/ acid issues, so I tried the activated charocal. I am a believer! Worked fast too!

Marie said...

If you email me your address, I'll send you some more coupons for the L'oreal if you want them:)

chanaR said...

Nice post! Very interesting products. By the way (since you mentioned the ped egg)- I also am pushed to assume that most infomercial products must underperform since that's the common trend. I was looking for some info about the ped egg and found They give very honest video reviews about popular informercial products. It's helped me make better decisions- and it had similar ideas about the ped egg. Looking forward to more of your posts!