Saturday, January 16, 2010

Green Bee Produce....The Final Answer.

So after deciding against Green Bee produce since I was told they don't use local or organic, I still had one more box scheduled. I picked it up Friday and was totally impressed. It had perfect produce and quite a bit that looked organic/ local to me. No stickers. So, I called the company myself. I talked directly to the CEO, Mr. Rick Brown. He is a class act. He is a local farmer. He is everything I support. The information given to me by my drop location was not correct. Mr. Brown selects the produce himself from 1st: local growers like himself, second: organic growers and third, commercial growers. He guarantees it all and only selects the freshest produce. Nothing goes in a box that is bad, or even close.

I was totally sold. I am sorry for leading any of you astray. Here is the deal....

I will be having a weekly Green Bee Box drop off at my home. That is....IF, I get at least 10 of you to sign up to begin with. You can get weekly continuous boxes or just go week to week. You just pay online and pick it up at my house on the designated date and time frame. It is that easy. He will donate a small portion of the proceeds from each box to Tate's Therapy center that just had state funding cut. So, you can get great produce at much less than store prices and still be helping an organization! What a deal.

Each week, or whenever you sign up, a box will be delivered at my house for you. It is all ready to be picked up in a new box with a cute little bee on it. There are at least 6 veggie and 6 fruit selections. They will eventually be offering other boxes like Salsa boxes, citrus boxes, etc. They have a full size box for $18.50 or the express box for $12.50.

The boxes contain stuff that we all want, not the crazy things you wouldn't know what to do with. My last box contained:


They were perfectly sweet and delicious. I was utterly impressed.

Here is what I need you to do: I want to get this going in a week. I need at least 10 of you to email me that you are committed to try this out. Once I get 10 people, I will start it out. Email me that you are in and what days are best for you. I am thinking Wednesdays at 5-6 pm. Let me know if this is good or another day is better. Once I get the numbers, I will email you what to do from there. You will go to the Green Bee Produce website and order using my drop location. (Not yet, don't be so eager.)
Email away and give me your email address and full name. You won't be disappointed.

** I am in Gilbert off Elliot and Higley.


Lindsey said...

Shari! What a great find! The produce co-op that most people use around here is an early AM pick up on Saturday morning... just not a great time for me. I am loving this and I will be a co-op drop off for people in Chandler and I want to donate proceeds to life as well! Can you e-mail me and let me know how to set that up? Or just let them know that I will be a drop off for anyone in the Chandler area? Thanks!


RPH said...

How does this compare to Bountiful Baskets? Didnt you order from them long ago?

Also, does green bee delivery anywhere outside of AZ? If I lived there, I would get in the group with you for sure!

You are so great about informing yourself and asking questions, good for you!!

Shari Goodman said...

Bountiful Baskets is much the same but I don't think they use local growers. They do have an organic basket but their produce in either basket isn't great some of the time and they put in lots of things that many people might not want. They do give you a little more than green bee but not the same quality. Unfortunately, they are only in AZ. Guess you will just have to move here!

Melissa said...

I'm interested, but I'm not sure how far away you are. I'm in Mesa off of country club and university.

Shari Goodman said...

I am in Gilbert between Elliot and Higley. If you are too far, check their website for closer locations or start your own drop.

Carlie said...

Sounds great- I'll e-mail you.

Mary said...

i'm in

Damon and Marie said...

Do they have drop locations in southern arizona? I would love this!

Shari Goodman said...

Green Bee is only in the Phoenix Metro area. Sorry.

DK said...

Shari I would love to try this and at least see if I can make it work for me. I used to always do Bountiful Baskets but haven't for quite some time now. I keep telling myself I will go to farmers markets etc... but I just don't seem to find the time... so count me. Thanks, Deena ( P.S. The lentil recipe was in the cookbook... sorry about that. I'll check next time before I send a question. :)

Anonymous said...

Do this co-op still exist? The website won't open.

Shari Goodman said...

No. They shut down.