Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Order Question.

I had a few people in the last couple of days ask for some supplements and I can only remember three of you, Milena, Heather and Mary Ann. Who was the other one? This would be for this last week only. The previous weeks orders should be in tomorrow. And, if you need something, ask now. I am ordering in the morning.


Brandee said...

Hi Shari! I would like to order a bottle of liquid zinc.

My daughter has been on the zinc, biotin and cod liver oil for almost a month. We are not seeing a lot of changes at this point. Is there something else she should do or add?

Thank you!

Shari Goodman said...

The one other thing I recommend is folinic acid. If this doesn't help along with the other supplements after a couple months, I would suggest getting an organic acids test to check for candida. Another big possibility is food allergies. If she hasn't done a liver cleanse, I would put her on one for several months. The cleanse with the lemon and peppermint oil. It will help clean out the toxins in her body. Let me know if you want anything else ordered along with the zinc. The folinic acid is $13.

Angela said...

Hey Shari, was it me? I talked to you at school the other day about getting more A & I, Vitamin C, and Zinc I think. It seems like there was something else, but I can't remember. Thanks!
Angela Miner

Shari Goodman said...


I had you down for the chewable A & I, A & I capsules and C chewables. If you want zinc, let me know and I will get that next week.