Tuesday, October 5, 2010

climbing out of my slump

I haven't been able to find my "Mojo" lately. You may have noticed by my lack of posts. My creative juices stopped flowing. My enthusiasm for much of anything has been shut away in some dark corner somewhere. Usually the posts come to me daily just waiting for moments to type but truthfully, I have nothing. I am sure I haven't run out of things to say, I just have been in a little funk, so to speak. I can't seem to stick to any exercise routine and my days seem to blur into one long trip in the car from here to there.

I am not moping or complaining. Really I am happy, just a little lost.

Well, I figured it out. I have been without goals. I haven't had anything stirring up my motivation or will to press forward. A most unappealing place for me to be. I hate being lukewarm. I hate to be living a daily routine without something to be striving for ahead. I hate to not have something I am researching with a book in my hand to study. I am just vanilla.

Then, my SIL lit my fire. She just did the Rim to Rim challenge with her husband and some other family members. It is a crazy hike at the Grand Canyon from the North to the South rim in one day. It is hard. Very hard. Even she said it was the hardest thing she did. Then, she had the nerve to ask if I would do it next year. WHATEVER!!! But, as the day went on, I thought about it. I NEED TO DO HARD THINGS. I FEEL HAPPY WHEN I AM DOING HARD THINGS. THIS IS A HARD THING.

With a single text, I was committed. No backing out now. There is also the London's run in January to train for so there is no way I can let life pass me by right now. I must hit the pavement. I must climb stairs. If I don't, I will be dead at the bottom of the canyon. I found my motivation. I found desire. I want to live life not let life live me.

Where are you? Are you feeling a little vanilla? Do you need to change up the routine a bit? Try it. Commit to something crazy. Log onto current race websites in your area, do something bold and without thinking it through, sign up for something harder than you think you can do. Pay for it so you won't back out. Then, go for it. Promise yourself that you will do it.

It is liberating. It makes you feel like a person , not just a mom and a wife. I really need to feel like a person.

I am still waiting for the cooking motivation to come. I can't think of creative new dishes right now as time seems to be incredibly unavailable at night. But, I am pretty sure that while I am running the streets in the morning with nothing else to do, I will dream up something wonderful to cook for you all. I have a little trip to the beach next week so the head will be cleared. I will be ready to conquer it all and climb the hills.

I am ready for the next adventure. Ready to join me???
I would sure love to have a gaggle of Enlightened Homemaker supporters at the London's run with me to show the world that moms can make a difference. You have 4 months to train. Cinchy. If you are ready now, there is the Shun the Sun race coming up in Mesa in November. Another worthy cause put on by our very own Enlightened Homemaker, Miss Tiffany. I am sure she will leave a comment to let you know more about that one! I just might be there also!

Have a great fall break whenever that is for you all. Maybe I'll see you at Disneyland.

Peace out.


S and B H. said...

The 1/2 marathon or the 10k?!?

RPH said...

All right...I am doing it. I have done a few races this summer, but finally told myself "I am done, summer is over" But hello!?! Although the sun wont be out, I need to keep moving. I agree, having a goal demands movement. I am never going to finish a 10K if I sit on the couch til December. I will report on the run in a few months and in the mean time I will keep running in the cold mornings. Thanks Shari! Wish I could come do Londons run with you! Good luck!

Shari Goodman said...

only the 10k for me. That's about all my uterus can handle! Raygon..... totally impressed if you can keep running in the cold winter Idaho months. That is just ridiculous!!! You are my hero.

MagicSprinkles said...

Do you have a link for London's run?

Linda said...

My body doesn't accept running ~ just doesn't. But I just committed to doing the Rim to Rim hike in May ~ as soon a the north rim opens back up. It is an amazing hike, and I am so excited for my sister and her husband to do it with me!!!

Shari Goodman said...

You can go to londonsrun.org to sign up and get details. It is on January 29th.

Carlie said...

I'm doing the Shun the Sun 10k, and I'm so excited. I need a goal or I slack off. I'm intrigued by this London's run...and we'll be at Disneyland too!

Shari Goodman said...


As long as your trained for Shun the sun, may as well do London's in January!

Annabeth said...

Shari, I enjoyed your post. We all get is slumps. Here is a blog a friend of mine recently posted.
(in case just photography shows up, scroll/search for 101 things in 1001 days).
Lots of goal ideas. And I totally agree, that having something to actively work toward is liberating. But there are so many other options, not just running!!
You are wonderful, and good luck on your next journey.