Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tis the season

I  just ate two pumpkin cookies from miss Molly and a handful of candy corns. It is Halloween, but nonetheless, I am sick to my stomach. I am sure there are a few little princesses and superhero's out there with the same syndrome. And, it is only the beginning of the "sweet" season. I made a deal with my young ones that if they kept only 10 candies and threw out the rest, I would take them to Dairy Queen. They haven't been there in years. They instantly took the deal. Glad to have the candy out of my house.

Want to know a little bit why? Jonell Francis, the creator of the Feel Good Foods yeast cleanse program explains a little bit about sugar. In her words:

    "Sugar is the most acid forming substance known to man. Dairy products and meat are next (as is chocolate). Refined sugar is not only a silent killer, but a mineral thief and pH disruptor in the process. Sugar also shuts down the immune system for about 8 hrs after consumption. Which is one reason we celebrate flu season about a week after Halloween when the holidays begin.

For every gram of sugar you consume, you can lose up to 8 grams of calcium just processing all the acid it creates.  In addition, you'll experience a significant drop in magnesium and other essential trace minerals including B vitamins.

Had to quote that one directly. It makes sense though why the germs seem to come out this time of year. We can't fight them off with all the sugar in our systems. Even if we are eating great, the sugar will come in and rob us of the good. Sugar also feeds cancer cells that loom in our bodies and yeast that lives in all of us.

Now, I am not one to deny sugar completely. Life needs a little sweetness sometimes. But, what happens is we let that refined sweetness creep into everyday life. It should be special. A "treat". I have had too much this week and when you start letting yourself indulge, you start to crave. Time for the fresh vegetable juice tomorrow and a few yeast capsules to kill the yeast I am feeding with sugar. I can feel the difference. The cookies were great. I don't regret it but I don't want to add to it. I want to keep my kids healthy this season to keep our track record of no flu for who knows how many years. 

Stay healthy out there. When sweetening up around your house, try to use raw honey, coconut sugar, stevia, fruit and sucanat in moderation. Your body will thank you. 

Happy Halloween! Hope you had a great one.


The Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

Great and motivating post on sugar!! For Halloween I made some delicious candy apples coated with blended dates & apple juice and then I rolled them in unsweetened coconut flakes. I wrapped them up and put a black ribbon at the top. My grandkids went crazy over them. I am going to make it a tradition every Halloween to make them. Kids will eat what we give them and it is sad when they are loaded up with junk that depresses their immune systems. Thank you for the awesome post!

Tracey said...

This is just what I needed to hear! Thank you

kami said...

Awesome. I don't really even indulged in refined sugar but I have had more natural sweeteners lately and have noticed that my sweet cravings have been kicked up a notch! Amazing how if we indulge more than we should, our bodies get off track. I'm excited to get back on track and kick those cravings.

rachel said...

i believe that even more now that i experienced it first hand. it really is amazing how you can choose how you want your body to feel, simply by what you eat. simple advice i wish i'd believed years ago.

Annabeth said...

Every Halloween my kids are excited for "Mom's Marvelous Prize Counter." The prizes get a little more elaborate the older they get (as in privledges, etc) but they are usually little trinkets that will be used or played with a lot. Playdo, art stuff, hair stuff, etc. I purchase it super cheap all throughout the year, and the kids know to expect it.

Last Saturday night, they 'bought back' EVERY SINGLE PIECE of candy--all four kids! Mary ate one cupcake at a party, but that was it. Because they knew they were getting prizes in a different way.

Sugar drives me crazy, and it is HARD, hard, hard for me not to be constantly policing it. I understand we can't deny them all the time, because they quite possibly will rebel when they get older. So, you teach and teach and encourage as best you can.

The yearly prize counter has worked wonderfully for us.

Terri Burges Hirning said...

I have said that for years, that our "flu season" comes right at Halloween after we have pretty much put our immune system to bed with all the sugar. And it continues all the way through until after Christmas and even into Valentine's day and Easter. We are on a non-stop sugar high and it severely compromises our immune system. Great post, people need to be aware of this stuff!!