Sunday, April 10, 2011

The scorpion sting, in summary.

You may all be pleased to know I survived the day after the "scorpion" incident. It is amazing how something so painful can be gone without a scar. 

I am also pleased to report that I am quite sure that I killed the little bugger a couple days later. If not, it means there was another one in my house. I am going with the first scenario. I searched for two days and couldn't find him. I somehow managed to sleep in my bed. I used the black light to look through everything before I went to bed. I checked one night and didn't see anything. I was watching TV before bed and all of a sudden decided to get up and check again for some reason. I searched the room...nothing. I then decided to start down the hall. I took a step just as my daughter took a step out of the bathroom. We were literally one foot apart and she gasped. Right there between us was a scorpion. Both she and I almost stepped on it. Call it luck but I am going with inspiration and guidance. Any case, he has passed on to the next world. 

Since I have now had some experience with the nasty stings of death, I have learned a few tricks that help. I am convinced that you will always have to suffer some sort of personal hell when you get stung but there is a way to speed the process along and lessen the effects.

First: Helichrysum oil. Apply right on the sting and rub in as well as you can. I didn't rub it in as well as I should have at first. 

Second: Apply pressure like a tourniquet so that the venom won't travel far. When I was stung on my foot, the venom spread up my leg instantly, I cinched my leg under my knee, where it already was and hung on for dear life. It never passed that point. I firmly believe that the Helichrysum helped stop the spread as well.

Third: ICE! Ice will constrict the blood vessels and help slow the flow of the venom. It also helps with the pain. I couldn't function without the ice pack. 

Fourth: Apply peppermint oil and Helichrysum throughout the day. With my first sting, I applied the Helichrysum once but never again. This last time I did an experiment. About 12 hours into it with still a pretty good amount of pain, I applied it to my sting on my lady lump and rubbed it in well. Instantly the pain was gone. I didn't apply it to my finger and the pain lasted a few more hours until I then put the oil on that sting. It then went away. My conclusion is that you need to reapply the oil a few times as it takes a while to break down the venom. Wish I knew that before.

So, there you have it. I actually had wanted to know the best way to deal with these stings before I got stung so I could give some advice to others. Now I am a pro. Although, every sting is different. A scorpion can regulate the venom they deliver so if you make them really mad, you will get more. I am also convinced that the foot is worse as you have all the nerve endings in the foot. Any case, it stinks.

Thanks for all your advice. They are all being considered. We are getting screens for our vents, we are getting chickens. Already have 5 cats in the back yard. I am seeking professional advice but still won't go for harsh chemicals. I actually prefer scorpions to toxins in my home. They won't kill you. You just feel like you are dying. ends. 

Sleep well. Check your sheets before you dive in. 


Anonymous said...

If you find a chemical free way of getting rid of them other than chickens (my 3 dogs would not respect chickens) please let us know!

Annabeth said...

Oh, Shari, that's awful! I'm glad you survived that ordeal. I was stung when I was 6 years old and ended up in the hospital in terrible shape. And then a kinked IV line didn't help, either.
Anyway, we don't have any scorpions at our house, and I think it's because the family before us had monthly pest control. When we moved in, I changed companies to an eco-friendly, and they come quarterly. Once I walked out to his truck and looked at the ingredients, and it was rosemary oil and some other oils! And a few inert ingredients. I can't even remember the company name right now, but I'll let you know when I do remember.

We also have lots and lots of lizards. They don't do anything to scorpions, per se, but they compete for the same food. And I guess lizards are faster. I LOVE seeing lizards around here. =)

I've only seen two lizards in the 8 years we've lived here, and it was in a subdivision that is known for scorpions. I would move. Seriously move. If the whole neighborhood was contaminated....yuck.

Annabeth said...

oh, I meant 2 SCORPIONS, not lizards

Annabeth said...

Alpha Ecological is the company we use. We signed up with them when they were "Proven Eco.." so the prices were different back then.
If anyone calls or signs up with them, use my name (Annabeth Goss) and we'll both get a $25 credit to our accounts.
If you want to call about their ingredients and green ways: 800-729-3764 (you can ask for April at extension 116).
They use a synthetic form of the chrysanthemum plant, and also D.E. If you find their ingredients are bad, tell me later. =) =) =)