Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunscreen continued.

Since I have received so many emails with questions about sunscreen, I thought I would post this article that my friend Terri posted on her site. It tells you a little more about sunscreen so it isn't just from me. 

Read it here.

 For those of you thinking that the FDA is on the side of Sunscreen, well they are doing many investigations right now on sunscreen as well. They are looking at things like the vitamin A reaction in sunscreen. Seems sunlight is reacting with the vitamin A and causing increased cancer risks. There is also the issue with the sunscreen not blocking the truly harmful rays of the sun, only one type of ray. There is much more to that story. Best bet, limit the use, limit your sun. Watch for ingredients. Zinc Oxide has been used for years and is always a good way to go. I like Terri's idea to mix it with coconut oil since zinc oxide is like spreading Desitin on your skin. Doesn't work so well. 

Glad you guys are doing your research! 


Liesl said...

Love this article!! Thank you for spreading the word even if some do combat you. I wanted to add that our fruits and vegetables were given to us during specific seasons for a reason. Watermelon and tomatoes are summer fruits that actually help strenghthen the skin cells to stand against the sun. Dr. Oz says it's as if the skin cells are "linking arms" to stay together so when the sun comes along it won't be so harmful. I know that it's no accident that citrus fruits, full of vitamin C, grow in the winter when colds are most common. Sometimes the world complicates things to the point where it's hard discern. If we just step back and look at the Earth for all of her miracles and move with her we'll be a lot better off. I've said it before, I LOVE this blog!! Thank you Shari!

heather said...

Thanks for sharing this! Your blog truly is "enlightening" as well as inspiring!

Jessie Woolstenhulme said...

I am really glad you brought up this topic. My 2 year old's pediatrician told me at her well check that he had just returned from a conference held for pediatricians and that the same topic had been discussed. He told me that a 2 inch diameter circle of pink skin = the amount of vitamin D you get from drinking 200 glasses of milk. He said too many parents are not letting their children get the vitamin D the sun gives us.

John Walker said...

My problem with this is simple. I keep hearing people say, do your research, do your research. Well, by all means please do your research. Unfortunately, though, it seems as some of you have mistaken doing research with just reading some articles. Allow me to elaborate, research is defined as the systematic investigation into and study of materials AND SOURCES in order to establish facts and conclusions. By reading articles you are only HALF researching. Check their sources, and check their sources sources. Are they from a reputable source? In the case of your friends article the answer is no. About half of the article was taken from Al Sears MD who is a practicing physician who specializes in natural medicine. Guess what products he wants you to buy? This is simple if you don't like the FDA for whatever reason, check out the Mayo Clinics website. They will tell you that long exposure to the sun greatly increases your risk for skin cancer and Melanoma. Skin cancer is the number one cancer in this country accounting for nearly half of all cancer cases. Firstly, taking the advice of a doctor who specializes in holistic and natural medicine is like listening to the hired doctors from the tobacco company and taking up smoking. Secondly, the article repeatedly name grass-fed beef as another good source, and guess where the article was posted? That's right, Guess what they want you to buy? Now take this into perspective and ask yourself, what products does the FDA manufacture and sell? the answer is simple and plain - none. The allegation that the FDA is 'run by big money' is simply not true. Of course, based on where you have been researching, I can see where you got that idea. These companies run smear campaigns against the FDA because they want you to buy natural products, more specifically, the products the sell. The FDA is run by the government and in funded through the government, as well as User Fees, which were put in place by the Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992. In this act, drug companies that want to have a drug approved, must pay a user fee to have the drug investigated. Whether it passes or not has nothing to do with the fee being required to pay. That is like saying that you make driving laws because you paid the government to get a license. It is simply not true and even a little silly. Anyhow, the point is, do your research, and seriously - do your research. Not read some articles written by companies trying to sell you no products, but real research from reputable sources. Remember to check sources and ask yourself does this source have a gain by selling me on this research? If they do, it is most likely a biased review and should be disregarded. Please practice sun safety, Melanoma can be very deadly. We lost our son to it 3 years ago.