Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Breathe....

     It is always hard coming home from the beach. For 8 days, I don't have anything resting on my shoulders. I sleep, eat, play, eat, sleep, etc. I don't let the stresses of the world rest on my shoulders and I realized how very good it is to get sleep. Real sleep that lasts more than 5 hours. That part is my fault but I always come home committed to change. I have all of these wonderful life changing ideas when I am out of the daily grind. Some stick, the sleep part never does. 

     I came home and made the mistake of jumping on the computer to check a week worths of emails. 298 emails. Reality hit and I could feel the tension mounting on my shoulders. It isn't like I have a rough life or am facing major turmoil in my life, it is just that I have responsibilities that felt nice left behind for a while. My daughter is playing "Just Breathe" on the guitar and the words are ringing in my ears. Just breathe, Miss Shari. I went through all 298 emails. I jotted down my to do lists and pondered the days ahead. I couldn't sleep that night. I want those quiet moments on the beach back where all that mattered was my family and good food. Life just isn't supposed to be that quiet, I suppose.

I just returned from my grandmother's bedside. A place she spends most of her hours at this time. "Just Breathe," I told her. The air will clear your mind and give you peace. She took a deep breath and so did I. It wasn't the beach but sitting there, holding her hand felt as calm and right as the moments I spent watching the waves. 

I know that we have the burdens and stresses in life to make us appreciate the quiet moments and to make us bigger and better than we were before. I know that there is breath in life everywhere, especially when we serve and take a moment to drink it all in. I am thankful that I have strong shoulders to carry the load and a family that shares the load with me. 

I came home from the beach resolved to be better in the more important arenas in life. 

Family time, one on one with my children
cleaning my closet
Reading to my little ones
Creating new recipes
Restocking my year supply
Leaving stress behind

So many good ideas. I will really try. I promise. Summer is a great time to reboot. I think back to school time is akin to the New Year. Thank goodness there is more than one chance a year to get our acts together. 

How has your summer been? Are you taking the time to Breathe a little? I hope so. We all need a reboot now and then. 

Time to switch the laundry load. I brought half the beach home with me, I am sure.

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