Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012.....going green, resolution #1.

2012 is fast approaching and that means I get to pick out some new goals. I know you can really start goals anytime, but I am a sucker for the New Year resolutions. I look forward to it. I have a whole gaggle of resolutions on my list this year and I would love to share a small handful of them with you.  I will run a little series of "resolution ideas" for you this week just in case you can't think of anything on your own. They really are good ideas. Promise.

#1.....Going green. 

 I know, nothing original but for some reason, this year, going green is a top priority. It is funny how you can pick and choose what important things in life apply to you. For instance, I didn't buy organic food until I read and understood what truly was covering my conventional produce. Now, I can't go back to conventional. That rule applies to me now. When Tate was diagnosed with Autism, lots of rules started to apply to me that were never in my world before. We can just sort of ignore things until we gain knowledge. When we catch the vision, we are then responsible for change. Going green has been something I have worked on now and then but after a conversation with my husband a couple months ago, I get it. Completely. Now, I can't be one of those who ignores the real problem. I am now included in that rule. 

I'll let you in on the conversation. 

My husband has been anti-water bottle for a couple years now. He has been great about bringing his own where he goes and setting the example. I mostly followed suit but when we were out of town, I would always bring a case for the kids. It was just easier. 

My family loves the ocean. It is our happy place. There  is something so calming and spiritual about being near such a grand creation. When my husband told me what his favorite surfer, Laird Hamilton said about water bottles, I took the bait and the rule applied to me completely. Laird said that years ago, he would encounter a water bottle out in the water every now and then but that in recent years, they are everywhere in the ocean, littering the beauty and the sacredness of the waters. I had heard the statistics of water bottle consumption in America but thinking about what that really meant didn't cross my mind before. Did you know that we use 2 million water bottles every 5 minutes!!!! Analyze that for a second. It is stated that we use enough water bottles every day to go around the world in a line 3 times. Our world is pretty big. Those statistics are mind boggling. With those statistics, our oceans are soon going to have little room for ourselves. Somehow we can just ignore it and keep drinking our water bottles because it is easier. Like it is really hard to refill a water bottle our selves or plan ahead and bring water bottles with you. We really are lazy people.

So, as of a couple months ago, I am water bottle free, unless there is an emergency. My kids are pretty good at this as well now. We have the collapsible water bottles and other BPA free Nalgene bottles that we take with us. Pretty simple. I feel so much better to not be contributing to the plastic overload in this world. I HATE to see all the water bottles littered everywhere after my kids soccer and baseball games. They are everywhere! We need to make changes.

The next part of my going green is at the grocery store. I used to justify the plastic bags since I needed them to wrap diapers in. Now, we are diaper free and they just collect under the sink. Now that I see the weekly accumulation, I am amazed at how much plastic waste I am contributing to. I went out and purchased reusable grocery bags and produce bags. The hard part for me now is actually remembering to bring them into the store. We forgot last night and I had each of the kids carry handfuls of groceries out to the car without bags. I am committed now so that means no excuses. We did look like a bunch of shoplifters. 

The produce bags are great. I found them on Amazon but it would really be easy to make yourself.

I don't need them too often since I get my produce delivered from the Backyard Farmer but every now and then when I hit the farmers market, I can't justify bringing in reusable grocery bags and then putting the individual fruits and veggies in little plastic bags. I won't even go into the idea of BPA's in the bags themselves. We are just talking pollution today. They don't weight really anymore than the plastic bags. Such a great idea.

I feel better to not be contributing to pollution. I know often we think we are just one person and it really doesn't matter but what if lots of "one persons" make a change. Make the rule apply to you, unless you hate the ocean and don't care if the world is filled with trash. Just an idea.

Stay tuned for more great ideas for the New Year.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We were spoiled beyond belief. Thanks to everyone for making our season wonderful. The best was having my family in town. I am so blessed.

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Wendi and Matt said...

I keep all the bags in my car and if I forget in the car I go back and get them. Then when I take in the house and unpack I put the bags back in the car. It takes a while to remember and sometimes I still forget but I have enough bags to keep in the car which helps. One step I made which I haven't been so consistent is produce bags I got from Amazon. I love them!