Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snapware and Prepping.....Resolution #2.

Resolution #2 is also a small idea but one I have been working on for a couple months and want to get it down like clockwork this year. My friend, Jenny, posted a picture of her fridge on her Facebook so here is a couple shelves of what mine looks like. We think alike. 

My goal is to have veggies and fruits prepped and ready at all times as soon as they are delivered or bought or picked. Since I am not doing plastic bags, and don't want them stored in plastic bags, I need to keep them fresh in containers. By having them all prepped and ready to consume, I find my smoothies are much better and I eat more. There are lots of varieties ready to eat so I eat more variety. It also looks so much more organized. I also wanted to get away from anything with BPA in it so I have now switched over to all snapware containers (I need an updated photo for my new containers) . They are BPA free and I love the rubber seals on the lids. Spill proof. 

I purchased a big set from Amazon that come with some great sized containers, especially for kids lunches. I have other sets great for larger produce as well. Costco also has a set of 42 I have been told. I need to go check that out!

I also love seeing the produce as soon as I open the fridge so I don't forget something hiding in the back. I hate when good, organic produce goes to waste. That way, I can plan my menus around what I need to use up. Jenny uses dry erase markers to write on the containers. Great idea. 

If any of you have some great ideas, pass them on. I would love to hear some. 

More ideas coming. This year is going to be my year of Fine Tuning. I think that is the buzz word(s) for the year. Fine Tuning. I need that. I feel like last year I just kept up and didn't really progress much. This year I am ready for a little tweaking and perfecting. I need that. Especially when it comes to a little "me" time. Tweaking is an understatement there. The gym misses me. 

Happy New Year! I am home partying it up with the littles while the husband works. Hooray for Me! 


Tara said...

What a great idea! I added the snapware to my wish list.

Katie Zaharis said...

I think you are already pretty well "fine tuned"! Love to see your goals. It's inspiring. Thanks Shari!