Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeding the Ants.

After our delightful summer rain, the ants were washed out of their homes and into and around mine. No bueno. They are in my pantry and last night, there was a constant stream of them coming out of a baseboard upstairs. How in the world? Anyhow, I don't do the poisonous stuff around here so I needed to find a more non-toxic approach, pronto.

I decided to invite the ants over for a little snack. I mixed them up a little organic strawberry jam and some Mule Team Borax. Half and half. 

I put it in a small little shallow dish next to their entry point. Within minutes, there were hundred's of ants in the bowl. Wish I had a picture of that to show you. However, in the morning, they were all gone but this one little guy in the picture. My pantry and my upstairs are free of ants. They eat their fill and take it to their nest. Suddenly, they don't feel so hot and their little lives end. Before they die, they do one last act of service and share it with the queen. So sorry. She doesn't feel so well either. 

The ants are gone. I have a billion outside as well so I need to figure something out there since I don't want the chickens to eat my little treat. Maybe a little DE. Any ideas to share?  


Anonymous said...

way to take charge! you go!

Alisha R. said...

Thanks for the tips, my ants are starting to swarm. Do you have any tips for spiders?

Families are Forever said...

Terro-PCO will get rid of them overnight. You can find it locally (like at the bug and weed shop on the SW corner of Gilbert and Southern) or do what I do: buy a large quantity online that will last for years. In my opinion, this natural treatment can't be beat!

Families are Forever said...

You can read Terro-PCO reviews and buy a smaller quantity here: