Friday, November 9, 2012

Finding Answers

My friend shared this video on Facebook today about Autism and Biomedical healing. 

It was hard to watch. What makes it so hard is that there are thousands and thousands of kids like these that aren't getting the help they need. They label them with Autism and then put them in this pile of "I don't know what to do with you" kids. Just give them therapy and forget that they are living in this completely miserable isolated world. It makes me crazy sad that there are solutions and treatments out there that parents are not being told about. It makes me crazy that pediatricians are not educated in this field. I mean, up to 1 in 25 kids are diagnosed with Autism. Is there any other epidemic worse than that! Seriously. 

I want every mother out there who has a child with Autism, ADD, ADHD or anything else on this spectrum that there is help. Maybe not always a cure but there is a reason your child is feeling this way. It doesn't just happen without a reason. They aren't born with it. It happens to them because of what the world is doing to them. 

Watch the clip. Follow the series. There is a way to change lives. You may not cure them completely. They may not get married or have college degrees but they can be happy. They can feel good and enjoy life. Search for answers and never give up!

I had a great call from a mom I met a year or so ago. I was teaching a class on nutrition and I talked with her afterwards. I don't remember all the details but she had told me about her son who had severe bi-polar disorder and was heavily medicated and hospitalized. She was at her whits end. I remember telling her that there were solutions. I believe whole heartedly that we can change lives through nutrition. I believe that through food we heal and paired with biomedical help, lives can be completely changed. 

I left her with my biomedicals Dr.'s name and wasn't sure if anything would come of it. She was totally overwhelmed, justifiably so. 

Last week she called me. She was bubbly and excited. She went to the Dr. She researched, she went to seminars. She did the work. She told me that last year, her son was practically institutionalized, this year, he is on student council. That is beyond amazing. Can you imagine what this child's life is like now? She told me how her regular Dr. who was treating him with all sorts of drugs (of which he was maxed out on) was so amazed with his healing and progress that he is now pursuing education into this biomedical field. 

I hung up the phone so very excited for her and her family and beyond proud at what she did by trusting there were options. She was told by her Dr.'s that this was the only option. Drugs. More drugs. She didn't know that he could be healed. The crazy thing is that what helped him most is about the cheapest supplement you can buy. Vitamin C. It cost under $ 10 a bottle. I can't imagine how much she was paying for the drugs that didn't work.

There are solutions out there. Don't give up. I am absolutely convinced that Autism and other auto-immune disorders will never go away and will only get worse. Why? Because we are poisoning everything in this world. Our rice has arsenic in it along with our apple juice. Our orange juice has mercury. Our crops are genetically modified and filled with pesticides. Even if you are growing your own food, they spray with mosquito poisons at night in neighborhoods killing the bees and contaminating our gardens. You can't win. I don't see anything changing but we can change our own little worlds. Not 100% but to the best of our abilities. 

There are lots of resources out there and I would be happy to pass names on to any of you and lists of great books to read. Unfortunately, most of the time biomedical help costs big bucks and insurance usually doesn't pay. But, man alive is it worth it. If you can't do that, there are plenty of things you can do to change things at home. I have seen so many miracles in little lives. I have a little miracle in my home. I can't imagine what life would be like if I didn't learn early on that there were ways to get him out of the hell he was living in. He will probably never be like typical kids, whatever that means but he has a full and happy life. That's all I need. 


Katie Richins said...

Could you please email me with more information? I've always tended to be a "natural" type parent, but my daughter has been struggling with Bipolar Disorder, and we are beyond baffled, as nothings seems to help. I really am desperate for some answers and relief for her - at this point she is completely non-functioning. richinskatie at gmail dot com


rachel said...

way to go shari. i love reading stories like these. keep up the good work.

Trina Faulkner said...

My 9 year old is non-verbal and has autism. I would love any information that you have, names and titles of books to read. My son is on all different kinds of meds but they aren't really helping. I want him to be pain free and happy. Thank you for sharing this information. My e-mail is