Friday, September 6, 2013

Before you complain about your health.....

     Did you ever even hear of gluten/dairy free diets when you were a kid? Did you have classmates that were bringing dry,gluten free breads to class and had to sit out on the pizza parties? There was maybe one kid in the whole lunch room that had to sit at an allergy table, if at all. Times are different and you want to know why? Because we have messed up EVERYTHING. Food is not the same as it was. A Ding Dong is not even the same. It used to be sugar and other real foods. Now it is plastic and preservatives. Since our food has now been genetically altered and laced with pesticides and synthetic ingredients, our bodies don't even recognize food as food. If you buy processed foods, you are eating genetically modified corn and soy that destroys your gut. Pure and simple. These "foods" or really "poisons", actually punch holes in the gut lining creating destruction in numerous ways. When you have these holes, the proteins from the hard to digest gluten and dairy don't break down and "digest", they absorb. They absorb into the blood stream and wreak havoc on your system. Inflamation will begin. Mucous will form. Allergies will abound. These proteins can actually become opiates to the brain actually acting like a drug. I have sure seen the affects of that on many kids on the spectrum! Our gut is the pathway to our health. If you mess that up, stand back and get ready for a breakdown. 

     More and more studies are linking auto-immune diseases to gut disorders . MS, Thyroid issues, Autism, ADD, ADHD and the list goes on. When you mistreat your gut, your body will yell back with things like yeast production, bacterial infections, the inability to produce the proper chemicals and poor immune responses. It won't just sit back and take it. Now my pet peeve is when people will torture their bodies repeatedly and then complain to everyone about their health problems. If you abuse, you will suffer the consequences. Take back your health. Tell your body you will treat it with respect and that in turn, you want it to treat you with respect. It is hard work but so very worth the reward. You have to live in this body. Hopefully that will be a very long time with a very pleasurable experience. Being sick just isn't fun.

     Now I won't go into a lengthy discussion on why you need to change your diet and remove processed foods, that should be obvious. I could go on and on about sugar, artificial food dyes, overuse of antibiotics, and so forth but that is for another day. What I will tell you is if you have health problems or your children are often sick or have stomach and earaches, before you go off to the Dr. to complain, do some work first. Remove all dairy, gluten, soy and sugar if you can. Try it for a month, even a week if that's all you have at first. Don't cheat. See how you feel. Eat real food. Now if you have been in a health crisis for a while, you won't be healed in a month but it is a start. This is the first step, not the last. You will loose weight. Your bowels will be much happier. Allergies usually calm down a bit along with a clearer complexion. Eczema can go away. Energy can return. It isn't the cure all but it is definitely a piece to the puzzle. Try it out. I try to do a gluten/dairy/sugar cleanse every few months to help my body be where it needs to. If I am ever feeling not quite right, it is the first thing I do before I go to a Dr. So far, I haven't needed the Dr. 
     Treat your body well and listen to the little complaints before they become big ones. Take note of  your children's minor complaints as well. A regular stomach ache is a sign of a problem. They are not happy with what they are eating. Please, please, feed them a good breakfast and lunch. Stay away from boxes and get back in the kitchen. Enough of my soap box. Here is a little breakfast item I made this morning. Easy as pie.

GF/DF Banana Waffles

In a blender, add:

1/2 cup organic millet
1/2 cup organic brown rice
1 cup almond/coconut milk

Blend until smooth.

Add to the blender mixture:

1/2 ripe banana 
2 eggs
1/4 cup coconut or avocado oil
3/4 tsp sea salt
1 T. baking powder
1 tsp. vanilla

Blend until smooth. Add more milk if needed. Cook and freeze the leftovers! I eat these with applesauce or a little real maple. 


Kajsa Pace said...

Thanks for the reminder, we are doing much better than we used to on eating whole real foods but we always can do better. It is amazing how little everyone knows about the food they eat, so many diseases/ sicknesses that could be prevented with just a little bit of knowledge.

gardenofsimple said...

Yes! My middle son was recently "diagnosed" with IBS and the thought that a 10 year old could have ongoing belly issues is kind of absurd to me!
I try to explain to all the skeptics in my life that a gluten free diet IS necessary for many people, exactly because of what you said - food is not FOOD anymore!

Sarah said...

I had a friend share this post on FB, and I greatly appreciate although I'd like to point out that buying processed foods alone isn't the culprit. We buy organic wheat and make much of our own foods, the boxed items we buy are also nonGMO, organic, boxed foods. However, even with all that my son has developed celiac disease. Within the realms of that diagnosis and much found research I am appalled at what has happen to wheat over the past 50 years to change it so much and make these gut issues so prevalent. The worst part is that as he is starting kindergarten we were advised by his GI doctor and nutritionist to request a gluten free classroom. His teacher was very upset about this. I had to help her create a list that didn't have mainstream boxed foods that were okay for all the children. The list was extensive, she said (after first saying gluten free left no snacks), that it was too long and we needed to shorten it. I think she was surprised at all that was still available. But then she asked if we could forgo gluten free for special occasions, I was grateful I had some calm come over me as I once again had to explain what celiac disease is and why, no not even on special occasions. Anyhow...thank you for doing this post. Thank you for getting it and being aware. Thank you for sharing. Hope your family enjoys a wonderful fall.

Sarah said...

*should have put we bought organic wheat...since celiac our house has been cleared from all gluten. And who knew there could be gluten in our soap, shampoo, toothpaste and household cleaners?! This whole experience has been enlightening!

Shari Goodman said...

Thanks for your comments, Sarah and I agree! I could have made this post so much longer to talk about your points as well. Since wheat was the first thing genetically altered back in the 70's, wheat as we used to know it will never be again , even if organic. Even the boxed GMO foods still have hidden ingredients and sugars. For my gluten free child, we have a strict classroom policy that he only eats what I pack. They tell me in advance when they are having a party and what they are having so I can duplicate it for him GF/DF so he doesn't feel left out. It's just part of his life and always will be. I have had teachers sneak food to him and had to address that with my mama bear tactics. But, they are much better now as so many kids have allergies,

The Pickeral Family said...

Made these waffles this morning and all my kids liked them! I love when I see a new recipe from you and ALWAYS try them. My six year old son is the one who usually says something about new recipes but didn't even say anything today and ate two so I am assuming he liked them:). Glad to add another waffle recipe into my rotation! Thanks!!