Thursday, July 10, 2008

Get on the Fresh & Easy Bandwagon.....Please!

I just returned from another fabulous trip to the Fresh & Easy and had to blog before I even put my goods away. For those of you who are not privy to living by a Fresh & Easy, I am sorry. For those of you who are....start shopping there. They are an answer to prayers. Why? Well, for one thing, their Fresh & Easy name brand products , which are most of their items are all natural products and largely organic. (At least all that I have seen). Second, they taste really good and Third, the prices are as good if not cheaper than the name brand products. I love the fact that I can go into the store and trust the products. I have tasted the Hoisin Sauce, Barbecue sauce, Terriyaki Sauce, Bruschetta, and Balsamic dressings just to name a few and I actually prefer these to any other I have tried. Their Organic juices taste like you just squeezed them yourself. Their whipping cream is only cream, no diglicyerides and they have great nitrite free lunch meats and mayo that has only real ingredients, no dairy. I love their corn chips that are also organic and their crackers.

Now for the fun little game I play, Half Price Dinner. As I have talked about before, the store marks down their items half price when it comes close to their expiration date. Since a large majority of their items are fresh items, many will be marked half off daily. I love to come in and put together a dinner based upon what I can get for half off. Tonight's menu: Fresh Bruschetta ($1.40) on a toasted Baguette ($.60) , Romaine lettuce (.70 for two hearts) with Cesar Dressing ($1.50) Fresh peaches perfectly ripe ( 4 for 1.20) and Citrus herbed chicken ($4.50 for whole chicken) . Not only will this feed us tonight, there will be some left for lunch tomorrow.This puts dinner and lunch for the whole family of 7 for under $10. Beat that for a full nutritious meal. I also got a whole bag of clementines, 5 lbs of them for $3! I know I get excited over the little things, but I am truly in love with this little store and sure hope that it catches on. Their other products are cheap also. I bought an 8 pack of Bounty paper towels for $6 , cheaper than Walmart, oh, and since the self scanner didn't pick up the right price, they gave them to me for free!

So, if you don't have dinner plans, go stop in the store and see what half price dinner you can put together. Let me know how it goes and what products you have tried and loved.

Bon Appetite!!

* I also was at Costco today and they have 40 gallon buckets of wheat for $27 all ready sealed in the container, not my favorite brand but would due in a pinch or for those who just want to stock up now without any effort. They are also carrying Coleman all natural hot dogs , three packs for $8.99. They usually run for about $5 each in the stores. I buy these and they taste great. No nitrites or fillers. I am sure they won't carry these long so stock up if you are a hot dog family.


Paula said...

I was just at Costo with my husband on Sat and saw the hotdogs. We had to many stops afterwards to beable to grab them then. Thanks for the info on them, it's much eaiser buying something when you here a good review.

Tracey said...

I can't wait to play your half price game. I think Fresh & Easy is a great store.

Becky said...

Thanks for the good info! I am so glad you are back to posting!

Melissa said...

I love Fresh and Easy also. I sure hope they stick around, so I don't have to resort to shopping at my neighborhood ghetto Fry's.

Tracey said...

i am excited to hear this from the expert - i love that store!

wendy said...

I am so jealous of your Fresh & Easy - a.) because of the name, b.) because of the 50% off game, and c.) because it sounds wonderful. Lucky.

Amy, Jared and Tavin said...

I found your blog from a friends blog and I absolutely love all of your recipes, ideas, and research you've posted. I'm so glad you have decided to keep blogging because I look for fun new recipes, or new posts about nutrition every day. I love it! It makes it so much easier to cook healthy when someone else has already done the research. I'm all for as natural as possible, esp. now that my baby is eating "big people" food. I figure if what I'm eating isn't healthy enough for him, I shouldn't be eating it. It's nice to be able to cook up one meal the whole family can eat. Thanks for sharing everything with everyone.