Monday, January 5, 2009

Food Storage Deals

Thanks for the tips. Here are a few deals for the next few days. I will post again when the new grocery ads are out. I am only posting items for storage, check out the deals for other items you may want. Visit Sister Savings at the right. They have deals for AZ and UT.

Albertson's, through the 5th; Baking soda $.50 per box. Great for cleaning and baking! 5lb sugar , store brand, $2.

Fry's , Chicken Breast $1.77.

Walgreen's, Hunts tomato sauce, 8 0z, 3/$1. limit on 6 but coupons are in the front circular. Bring husband so you can both buy. (thanks for the info, Laurie!)

Remember, you can ad match at Wal Mart but you must have like brands.
A great place to buy spices in bulk is from Azure Standard along with many other items. Request a catalog today! Also....Make sure you read my comments for those great deals and recipe's others may be posting!

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Ashlee said...

For Tomato Sauce: Fresh and easy actually has it for 25 cents per can right now...little bit cheaper and you don't have to take your husband with you! No limit!