Friday, February 27, 2009

Preparing Wisely weekly discount....

My good friends at Preparing Wisely have just emailed me their wholesale specials for the next week, maybe longer.... Great bargains so don't miss out! You may want to call first to see if they still have some as they will go fast. If they don't , they can reorder.

Organic raisins, 5 lb $15
Organic raisins, 30 lb $65
Regular raisins, 30 lb $45

18 oz Agave Nectar regular $10, now $6.75

Raisins can be stored in mason jars vacuum sealed with the foodsaver mason jar attachment. They last for years. They can also be sealed in bags. I will definitely be taking advantage of this deal.

The Agave Nectar is now a basic staple in my house for sweetening. It can replace sugar 1 for 1. It tastes much like corn syrup so no after taste. It is a great alternative to sugar as it doesn't raise your blood sugar levels like sugar and is all natural made from the Agave plant. It is great on cereal, in recipes, with fruit, etc.

Thanks Tracey and Troy for these great deals! Check out their link to the right for all kinds of great deals! They have solar ovens, first aide items and containers also.

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