Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Everyone Should know.

I suppose I never really grew out of that 3 year old "why?" stage. I am never satisfied with a simple answer. I need to know why. I need to figure out everything from beginning to end. I am not content with "that is just how it is" or "it just happened". I want to know the ins and outs. It is exhausting.

A trip to a doctor is never simple for me. I don't
go in, take what they say as gospel and leave with a prescription; but you all know that by now. If they body is ailing, I want to know how it happened not what to do to put a band aid on it. I will never settle for the "we don't know" routine or "there aren't answers" gig. The body never gets sick or attacked just because. There is always a reason. Always. That has been my quest. My passion.

Why are so many of my friends; good moms and wives , sick, broken, exhausted, depressed, compromised in every way before they even hit 40? Why are there so many kids with problems that just never existed a few decades ago? Why is it that I can teach a class and at least half of the class comes up afterwards telling me their story of health struggles that go unanswered and of their kids who are failing to thrive? What has changed and what is the root cause?

I have asked these questions for the last several years , at least, and studied intensely in the last several months and what I have learned is something that is so very seldom discussed. I even called Dr.s offices this week
and they didn't even know how to test for it. Naturopaths will know what you are talking about most of the time and there are amazing books out there, but the mainstream world is clueless. It is time you know what may be rocking your world. I warned you that this is going to be long. But, we all need to know. We all should be searching for answers.

YEAST. CANDIDA. We all have it in our bodies. It is nothing new to the world but what is new is how it has taken o
ver our bodies. How it has destroyed. It is how we feed it, how we let it take over that we need to understand. Let's chat.

In our bodies we have the good bacteria that are the soldiers to protect us from all the bad that is around us; the toxins, the germs, the heavy metals we intake. They guard the stomach, line the intestines, keep the harmful yeast in check. However, the good soldier bacteria can be destroyed which allows the evil yeast to overtake. They are destroyed by our worlds overuse of antibiotic
s, contaminated foods, stress, hormones, steroids, etc. When the good bacteria are then taken out, the yeast can overtake the body. The yeast thrives in the body. They love sugar, carbs, cheese, processed foods. Perfect; that is America's daily dish and if we didn't have enough hormone problems of our own, let's add it to our food as well! The yeast attack the mucous lining of the body which are everywhere in the body. Mucous membranes keep the body lubricated but when yeast attacks, they go into overdrive. The yeast actually grows into tissues. They permeate and by doing so, go from the stomach to the bloodstream. They release toxins, creating a poisonous body, if you will. They cause all the mucous membranes to inflame and attack instead of protect the body. Once the yeast is allowed to flourish , it spins out of control until it is stopped.

Because the body is now attacking itself, we have autoimmune diseases created. Those auto immune diseases that Dr.'s just can't explain. Bet your doctor never checked you for yeast. Women are far more susceptible to have yeast issues as our hormones are more apt to get us i
nto trouble. Especially when pregnant.

What does yeast feel like? Many of you have had the annoying yeast infection but that is just one area. Yeast can start as a stomach issue: nausea, bloating, cramping, pain, constipation or diarrhea, colic in babies, colitis, chron's. Yeast starts here. You may start to get food sensitivities. Allergies get worse. Headaches are very common, migraines even. You can become hypoglycemic or have hypothyroidism as the endocrine system is compromised. You may get endometriosis or other reproductive disorders , bone aches, inflamed joints, coughs, asthma,stuffine
ss, sore throats. Any area of the body can be inflamed as histamines are released. Immunity is compromised.

Neurological issues may arise as the yeast toxins affect the brain. There are forgetfulness, speech problems, spaciness, vision issues, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. ADD and ADHD in children, autism, developmental delays.

You can become sensitive to smells and chemicals that never bothered you before.(big one for me). The skin can be a tell tale sign; acne, rashes, itchiness, eczema.

You go to a doctor and they prescribe you with thyroid medication, depression medication, Ritalin for the kids, antibiotics for t
he cough. They never look at why the body is working against itself. It is a vicious cycle as the pills create even more havoc. I have never heard of anyone being healed from an autoimmune disease by drugs. Only masked.

The yeast must be killed. The environment in the body needs to be changed so that the good bacteria can come back in its stead and once again protect the body as it should. The good news is that there is a way to do it. It doesn't have to be expensive. It is natural. You can feel good again. They body can heal.

If you suspect a yeast issue; treat it. The body w
ill never heal if the yeast is not in check. If you have some issues, I can almost guarantee that you have troubles with yeast. The body generally is not sick if the good bacteria is doing its job and is not compromised. It will only help.

If you have access to a naturopath, ask for an O
rganic Acids Test. It will tell you if you have a yeast issue and trouble with bad bacteria, which goes hand in hand. If you don't , treat it like you do. You can try a spit test that may indicate if you have an issue. Spit in a cup of water first thing in the am before you eat or brush your teeth. Not the clearing your throat spit. Just spit and if the spit starts to string down to the bottom, it is yeasty. If it stays in a ball at the top, you usually are asymptomatic. I had three kids just tested on the Organic Acids Test and their spit help true to this test.

I firmly believe that we should all do a little yeast cleanse now and then. The more I learn about yeast, the more I am understanding the link between almost everything under the sun, even acne, fertility problems and weight gain. If my little Tate starts to get goofy, aggressive or spacey again, I know our yeast is back. Once you have a gut problem, you are almost certain to have a problem now and then.

What can you do? Here is why I am ready to blog about this now. I didn't really have a good natural product that I wanted to tell you about before. I have been experimenting, having my naturopaths office e
xperiment, and reading up on everything I could get my hands on. I found a great product. It has all the components that I have studied about being the best way to treat naturally and it is in one great little package. Better yet, she is letting me carry it. This lady, Jonell Francis is a mother warrior like myself and many of you. She was having severe health problems for 10 years with no answers. She didn't take "because" for an answer and found the answer. She cured herself and now, so many others with her yeast products. I have talked to her for the last couple of weeks and found a kindred spirit.

She has a great cookbook, "The feel Good Cookbook", cleanse kits and drops for kids. The ingredients are simple and pure, no harmful fillers. She has amazing success stories and testimonies on her products. You can visit her website here.
You can read her stories and look at the ingredients contained. I would never advocate or carry a product that I did not have faith in. I can't wait to get this to you.

I do not want these sweet little children and sweet, dedicated moms to slip into the trappings of auto immune disease that are robbing them of life. We cannot become what we are to be in this life if we are sick. We cannot serve as we want, grow as we would like. It is not fair. We must take our health into our own hands. We must not let Dr.'s tell us what to do or give us the band aide solution. You must fight for your health, eat clean and listen to your body. Our world is polluted. I am convinced that that is not going to change but we can change.

If you have questions, please email or call me. There is so much to share but then I would just be writing a book. You can read some great books out there also if you want to become an expert. Some of my favorite reads are The Yeast Connection, The Yeast Connection and The Woman, The Yeast Syndrome, Nourishing Hope and Back to Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Yeast Related Illness. They are all great reads.

If you would like to try these products, I will be ordering on Friday.

The Cookbook is $25.95 plus tax.

The Cleanse Kit which is recommended for teenagers to adults that comes with a fiber cleanse, yeast beater capsules and Glutamine for $69.95 plus tax.

Yeast Beaters Capsules, 120 ct. $25.95 plus tax.
Yeast Beaters Capsules, 240 ct. $42.95 plus tax.

Kids Yeast Beater drops, $25.95 plus tax.

There will not be any shipping for in state orders but I will ship out of state if needed for an additional charge, depending on the order.

I will be happy to answer any questions. I am hearing great reports on the kids drops and eczema. Huge results.

When treating the yeast, it is very important that you have a probiotic to help put the good bacteria in the body and help destroy the yeast as well.

Saccharomyces Boulardii by New Beginnings is a probiotic specific for yeast. It is $20 for the bottle.

Please email me for orders at goodman-7@cox. net . I hope to have my store website up in a week so that subsequent orders can be made through that site. Here's hoping. If only we had 36 hours a day.

Thanks for listening. All of my kids are being treated right now, along with myself. I will keep you posted.

Per Jonell's website, here are some of the symptoms she is seeing evaporate with the Yeast cleanse treatments:

Athlete's Foot
Bladder Infection
Bowel Irregularity
Chronic Sinusitis (Congestion)
Cradle Cap
Herpes virus
Mouth Sores
Oily Hair
Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Spastic Colon
Itchy Skin
Joint Pain
Menstrual Cramps/Afterbirth Pains
Respiratory Infection/Bronchitis
Seasonal Allergies
Sugar Sensitivity
Tooth Decay
Urinary Tract Infection
Vaginal Yeast Inf


Nichole said...

Hey I would love to get one of those cleansing kits. Is that a supply for one person?

Shari Goodman said...

It is for one person but it gives you enough for maintenance. It wouldn't be quite enough for two people. You do a 15 day cleanse then maintain for a little while depending on how long you have had issues. They say about one month for every year you have had symptoms. Just let me know how many you want. You can just get bottles for the kids without getting the whole kit for everyone.

Tracey said...

I started researching this a couple of years ago. I became convinced I had it. I went to a naturopath and explained the situation. She ignored my plea that I had candida and insisted that I had a problem with my adrenal gland and we did testing for that. I didn't have a problem with my adrenal and she did suggest testing on candida. I should have been more confident and either insisted on candida testing or found another doctor who would listen to me. Being a busy mom I didn't want to take the time to search out a doctor. Thanks for the post. Now I think that 1 or 2 of my kids may have issues with candida too.

Orange Juice said...

My two girls and I have many symptoms! My hormones go crazy after birth and all my babies get thrush, cradle cap, and are colicy. My three month old also has many issues with food. I am on a strict diet with her because everything hurts her tummy and used to give her acid reflux. We went to an energy healer and he helped her get over the reflux. Anyway, I am anemic too and my husband and I read somewhere,as we were researching anemia, that yeast can eat the iron in your blood too. Thanks for this post. My family and I are going to cleanse our yeast filled bodies! Tips would be so helpful!

Shari Goodman said...

Wow. Huge yeast issue. Start asap. Please. Since this has been going on for a while, you will need to be on it for a while but you will see results quickly. You will prevent so many future illnesses. Anemia is hugely related to yeast and I recommend you add the nasal B12 with it to help with iron absorption. The shots are great too if you can get those prescribed. Email me with any questions!

Annabeth Goss said...

Shari, has anyone told you today that you are an angel? You are an angel! You are helping so many people and bringing hope back. Thank you for your years of questioning and research. And thank you for sharing it with us now. I can't wait to try this stuff.

Leiah said...

My mom has done a candida diet to help get the "yeast" out. Do you need to "adjust" eating with these pills as well?

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for posting this! Do you know what the ingredients are in the kids liquid? Also do you know if the capsules are veggie caps? Thank you so much for caring as much as you do! You are wonderful!

Connie Lee said...

We are very excited to try the products you recommend. It sounded like you were describing Dan's health issues. I would be so grateful to get his body balanced again. I am sure that I will benefit from this as well. You are amazing! You have such an analytical mind that searches and finds answers, and then generously shares them with everyone. What a mission you have taken on yourself! Thank-you for your diligence.

Shari Goodman said...

The childrens liquid ingredients is a mixture of vegetable glycerin tincture of myrrh gum, chapparel leaf, olive leaf and pau d'arco bark. The capsules are a powdered form of the same along with oregano.

You don't have to change your diet but it will be more effective if you remove the sugars and foods that feed yeast for the 14 day cleanse. Since it is hard for kids to do this, the drops are still very potent. Just do your best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! My child is using respen-a right you think there would be any problem in using the drops along with the respen? Thanks again!

Shari Goodman said...

Anti fungals are fine with Respen-A. This product would be safe to use. I would be interested to know about how Respen has worked for you. Email me!

Melanie said...

I love reading your blog. Thanks for all the wonderful information. Do you happen to know if you can do the cleanse while nursing? My 3 month old has a hard time when I eat any chocolate, peanut butter and dairy. I am wondering if I cleanse if it will help him or cleanse into my milk and be bad for him... I never had issues with yeast with my other pregnancies or babies but this one has been really bad and I can tell it is taking a toll on my body. Thanks for all the information.

Shari Goodman said...

These products are great for nursing. You can even give babies drops. Safe for pregnancy as well but should be used after the first trimester. I would highly recommend a cleanse prior to trying to conceive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

brook said...

Shari, I have to thank you for this post from the bottom of my heart!!! My husband is only 26 years old and was just diagnosed with MS. The connection between MS and candida is something I am going to look into. He is on medication but it has only been 90 percent effective. He is still experiencing damage to his nerves. It makes sense to me that usually 3 out of 4 people with MS are women. Women are also more likely to have candida.

DK said...

Shari I will email you my order... I am definitely interested. I did a type of candida cleanse a year or so ago that I read from Kevin Trudeau's natural cures book. I believe I definitely have a yeast problem. Thanks. ~Deena

Carie said...
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Carie said...
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Amy said...

We have the bed wetting, anger/aggressiveness, and eczema. I would like to know more about the how effective the yeast beaters for children, will work on the bed wetting and anger/aggressiveness. Have you heard how well it does work for those?

Shari Goodman said...


First hand experience, since my 10 year old started a yeast protocol, we have had absolutely 0 wet beds, two weeks and counting. My 5 year old has had no eczema and anger issues resolved. I see this all the time. This isn't to say that all bed wetting/anger/eczema issues are from yeast but many are. It is always a good idea to treat it as we all have yeast anyways.

Kiersten said...

Oh my heck! I totally had a light bulb moment when I read your posts about yeast. Thank you! I now have words to express the issues I am seeing with myself and kids and get us some help. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Krista Jones said...

This came at a perfect time for me! My 3 year old daughter has had constipation issues since she has been 18 months old. Over the past 6 months it has gotten so much worse- vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, stomach aches, vomiting, etc. Doctors are stumped. It has to be YEAST! Thank you for answering my prayers!!!

Unknown said...

I have been treated by a Dr for Candida for about 9 months now. But there are occasional times I have sugar, and many of my symptoms come back. (brain fog, vaginal itching). She has me doing the Kolorex and B vitamins, with a probiotic. Should I switch to Nystatin? What is the regimen? I just don't feel well-controlled.

Shari Goodman said...

Have you been doing the Kolorex the whole time? If so, you need to switch it up. You shouldn't be reacting to sugar that easily if you have been treating it for 9 months. I like the Kolorex after doing the Feel Good Foods kit. It works a little stronger and I have lots of women giving me amazing reports on it. I do it myself and it has done wonders for me. Any supplement should be rotated anyways as the body gets used to it a bit. I do Feel Good foods first, then Kolorex , then the New BEginnings herbal yeast pack which is a combo of 4 liquid herbs. I still eat some sugar on weekends and I don't have any issues at all anymore. Yeast does take a constant effort to get under control but it can be done. I am also certainly not agains doing a round of Nystatin also to get bad cases under control but no more than a month or two at the most.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am curious if I can give the drops to my 5 month old son, as well as myself as I breastfeed?

Shari Goodman said...

Babies can have the drops as well as yourself. You can also put some on your nipples before they latch on to drink down. You can click on the link on my sidebar and buy directly from them and ask them any questions. I have had several breastfeeding moms use it for them and their infants.

Anonymous said...

I read in another comment that it is safe to do this cleanse while pregnant, but just not during the first trimester. My question is how long will it stay in your system if you do it BEFORE you get pregnant? We would like to start trying to get pregnant soon (begin trying in the next month or two) but I feel like I have a yeast problem. If I do the cleanse now do you know how long I should wait until it is safe to start trying to get pregnant?

Shari Goodman said...

Anonymous, I have had several moms do the feel Good Foods cleanse after the first trimester and many before. If you suspect yeast, it is very important to clear it up before you are pregnant. Yeast can infect the baby in utero and cause all sorts of issues, even carrying the baby to term. I battled yeast with my last and he had yeast issues from the get go. You can contact the owner at Feel Good Foods (you can link to her company on my side bar) and ask her specific questions but I would certainly start a program before you begin to conceive to create a happy and healthy baby house.

Katie said...

Hi! I just bought the drops for my 6 month old baby and the capsules for me to treat thrush. Just wondering if the 3 drops 2 times a day recommended dosage is for babies??

Shari Goodman said...

I would email Jonelle Francis at Feel Good Foods but I have had moms do 1 dropper full, not drops twice a day. However, I emailed Jonelle as well to ask her. I'll let you know when she comments back. A 2 year old does 3 dropper fulls twice a day.

Shari Goodman said...

Katie, Jonelle emailed me back. Here is her response:

I'd give one squirt three times the day for the first day or two and then two squirts morning and night until symptoms are gone.

My 18 month old took three squirts morning and night to heal an acute case of eczema in just five days.