Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Azure Standard

I have blogged about Azure Standard before but in case you didn't hear; listen up. My friend, Terri Hirning did a post about them today and made me fall in love all over again with them. I get all my grains from them, my beans, my gluten free products, some produce, coconut milk, nuts and much, much more. They have organic products for cheaper than you can buy the regular non-organic items here. They have an enormous catalog that you can order for free. They have various drop locations around the U.S. and they come once a month. Free delivery. They are amazing and their standards are superb. If you want to know why I love them even more today, go check out Terri's post today and you will see why. Read it here. Also, if you didn't already have a phobia of pesticides like I do, she has a little on that too.

Thanks Terri! We need to do lunch again!


Jilynn said...

I am SO excited to get my order today so I can start making/trying new foods!I also got kefir culture so i'm excited to try that too!

Kara said...

I have grown to love azure too. They credit your account when the produce is not up to par and last month I ordered gorgeous melon starts! They have a ton of organic starter plants for your garden and heirloom seeds. LOVE IT!!

Terri Burges Hirning said...

Yes, lunch is a must soon!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Can you tell me if there is a drop for Azure Standard near us? I was just looking at their website the other day. I'm trying to get more grains and try out some of the ones I've seen on Kara's blog. Do you order their grains or buy from somewhere locally?
Jennifer Tribe

vanilladreamextract said...

I am so excited that Azure Standard is coming to Texas! We have been waiting almost a year since we heard that they were expanding their deliveries to areas of Texas. I happen to be the drop coordinator for San Marcos and our group is growing like crazy! The delivery truck will be delivering to parts of North Texas, Central Texas and around to Houston.

Just wanted to share that information for those that may not have known about Azure coming to Texas. :D

Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

Hi Shari!
I am so delighted that I found your blog tonight! My husband, Joe, is the delivery driver for Azure on the M-1 and M-2 route! I have started a facebook page and blog for others. www.facebook.com/azurestandard www.azurestandard.blogspot.com I am just getting these started and would love to have you to join the conversation and share recipes as well. After I post this I am eager to go back and read your Keifer pop... it sounds great!!
I look forward to getting to know you more!
Mrs. Joseph Wood (Jeanette)