Friday, May 21, 2010

For my yeasty friends.

Many of you who started the yeast cleanse should be about finishing up with your month long cleanse. I have had lots of emails; lots of success stories, some of you still waiting to see some results. Keep in mind, cleansing our bodies of yeast to heal our symptoms is not an overnight process. For every year you have had symptoms, expect to take one month of yeast killing treatments. It may take you several months and cleaning up your diet is a big part of that.

If you are finishing up and need to continue for a few more months, I have ordered additional Yeast Beater Pills that will be here in a couple days. At that point, you can just take 2-3 pills at night to keep up maintenance. You can always take the Exodus and glutamine if you would like also. Staying on the probiotic is very important to keep the good bacteria flourishing. Please don't stop treatment too early or you will not see results. Some of you with minor issues may just be fine where you are. But, if you have had more severe symptoms, follow through. The capsules come in a 120 count bottle so 1 bottle will last you a couple months if only taking them at night.

Please email me if you need a bottle so I can see how many I need to have. Also, I will be placing an order for probiotics this week and need to order those all together since I have to have those overnighted. Shipping adds up so I want to make one big order.

Some tips to pass along on the cleanse:

The pills are strong and some of you are having bowl issues since the yeast is being killed too quickly. It is very important that you have a regular bowl movement at least once a day. If you are not, back down the pills a bit to slow down the die off process. You can also take a natural laxative like epsom salt in water or magnesium citrate to get things moving. I usually take 2 tsp epsom salt dissolved in 1 full glass of water. Not so yummy but it works in a couple hours.

Keep things flowing, keep hydrated, eat well and don't quit until you are where you want to be. Following up with a good liver cleanse is great to cleanse the overworked liver. The lemon oil and peppermint oil cleanse works great. Check out the liver posts under the "liver" labels below.

Email me any questions. I am excited to hear all the good things happening out there. Be patient for those who are still waiting to get there. Healing takes time. There are no magic pills and overnight cures. It took you years to make your body unhealthy, it may take a while to make it healthy again.


DK said...

:( I haven't started yet...nor have I done very good on the 30/6/30 goal. I'm recommitting today! Life is so busy busy busy....

kamille said...

i would love some more yeast pills. how much is the probiotic?

i have a question about the cleanse. i have been feeling very fatigued since starting, and my achy joints have gotten worse. would those be yeast die off reactions? which would mean i should continue maintenance for awhile? it has seemed to affect my bowels somewhat, so does that mean i should take less pills (i am taking 3 each night + a probiotic). i have not been eating as much gluten since my son has been gluten free and have just decided to cut out dairy since my baby might not be tolerating it, which i am sure will help with the yeast too. speaking of gluten...what is the deal with oats? i know they have gluten free oats but i have heard differing views on whether or not oats can be eaten by people who are cutting out gluten.

Shari Goodman said...

Being fatigued and achy joints are very common die off reactions. If you didn't have yeast, you wouldn't have those reactions. You can back down the pills at night to 1 or 2 to see how that feels.

As far as the oats, even the gluten free oats can not be tolerated well by some but maybe soaking would help that. I would wait to introduce that for a while.

The probiotic I am going to order is $45, it is a complete one that has the Sacc. Boulardii with other beneficial cultures so you don't have to take multi probiotic pills. It would be a 2 month supply. Just email me what you want. I have the yeast pills now and will order the probiotics next week.

RPH said...

LOVE THE NEW HEADER! It is perfect for your blog.