Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have been asked many times about advertising on my blog and I have never really explored that area. Any advertising I have done for others was strictly for friends whom I wholeheartedly supported their products, pro bono. However, I have now decided that I will allow a few advertisements on my blog but would prefer to pick who goes on my sidebar instead of someone deciding for me. I would like to give you, my friends, first pick. You will get a sidebar rectangle to advertise whatever you want. You may change it as often as you would like. I also have my store blog that will take on advertising in the next two weeks if that is a better fit. If interested, please email me directly. I am looking for companies that fit the mold: family, food, natural care, etc.

New posts coming! Stay tuned.

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Cindy Sage said...

Love the new blog "look" : )