Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's an Enlightened Homemaker Pampered Chef Party.....And Your INVITED!!!

I LOVE kitchen gadgets. Not the kind of gadgets that you get just because they are cute gadgets; I love the gadgets that are the right tool for the right job type gadgets. The gadgets that save me time and help me cook up some delightful dishes. I was thinking about some of my very favorites after my last post on two of my favorites; the scoop and the lemon juicer. I realized that all my favorites came from the Pampered Chef. You know, you go to a friends house for a Pampered Chef party and you see some gadget that you just can't live without. That is me. Most of the time, I find that I truly can't live without them. I wonder how I ever made it in this world without them to begin with.

So, I thought, why not have a blog Pampered Chef party so you can all see some of my must haves and order right here off my blog. Well, here you go. It's on from Today until next Friday. Browse my favorites below and then order at the link below. Just type my name in as host (Shari Goodman). Tell me about your favorite gadgets, Pampered Chef or otherwise. If you live out of state, they will ship to you. If you live by me, they will ship to my house.

My first most very favorite, use everyday gadget is this masher. It is solid. It cleanse easily and mashes my frozen OJ concentrate like nothing. I use it for mashed potatoes and mashing up bananas for muffins. It is sold to mash up your hamburger for cooking but I have used it for everything but that. I even take this with me on trips when I am cooking. LOVE IT! Plus, I think it's only $10.

The Mini Whisk. It is so cute and little but is perfect for whisking up a couple eggs or when making a cream sauce. It is just the right size and is always being pulled out.
The Chopper. I am sure you have all seen these. But, this one is easy to wash and chops everything. Super convenient.

The Spritzer. This little bottle is genius. It takes your oils, like olive oil and turns it into a spray. I love that I get just the oil and nothing extra that isn't wanted in my kitchen.

The salad dressing bottle. Or, whatever it is called. I use this all the time for my homemade dressings. It has recipes on the bottle but I have never used them. I just love the fact that it has a whisk in it and a spout. You mix it all in one bottle and keep it in the fridge and pour it when needed. Perfect.

The Mandolin. This little guy has several attachments to make a variety of cuts. Best of all, it's been redesigned so that they blades are recessed. It may save a finger or two.

Now don't forget the lemon juicer and cookie scoop from my previous post. Total must haves. If you would like to own some of these great gadgets or to see what other great things the Pampered Chef has to offer, you may order right now!

Click here: The Enlightened Homemaker Pampered Chef Party


Melissa said...

Shari, I tried to order but it didn't pull your name up when it asked for the host. Who do I put?

Shari Goodman said...

I just tried and it worked. Shari for first name then next tab, goodman.

rachel said...

i need to get the spritzer and the mandolin. thanks for sharing your favorites.

oh, and i need to get some more B12 from you on your next order.