Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The benefits of Probiotics

What are Probiotics? 

     Probiotics are the good bacteria that help our gastrointestinal system work properly. Because of the overuse of antibiotics, the drugs we subject ourselves to, toxins in our world, pesticides and the diet that we eat today, many people are greatly lacking the "good" bacteria in their systems. The good bacteria helps to boost the immune system and crowd out the bad bacteria. It helps to create healthy and regular bowl movements and strengthens the stomach linings so we can absorb the nutrients in our food. It helps our systems to be balanced. If we are unbalanced with the bad outweighing the good bacteria, we have a much higher risk at having allergies, infections, diseases and inflammations. 

People who have chronic diarrhea especially need probiotics in their system to get everything back on track. If our bowls are not regular, we are not getting the nutrition we need. Even if you are eating well, if your stomach is not working properly, you cannot absorb what you are taking in. The stomach lining needs to be healthy for us to be healthy.

If you have been on antibiotics recently, it is especially important to be on a good probiotic for a while to make up for the damage that was done. This is the same for treating for yeast/candida. Probiotics should go hand in hand to combat our illnesses. 

There are many different probiotics out there with different strains and counts. It is a good idea to rotate your probiotics as with all supplements to give your body the best opportunity for recovery. Kefir is a good way to get some probiotics along with homemade yogurt, if you can handle dairy. Culturing for 24 hours is optimal as the proteins are broken down. New Beginnings has some great probiotic supplements that are usually only available through the Dr.'s offices. We   love the Probiotic Support, VSL #3 and Ther-biotic Complete supplements around here. I know many of the Coscto's sell the VSL #3 behind the counter without a prescription if you ask. 

Healing our bodies takes time. It takes understanding of how the system works. You can't take a drug and be done with it. You have to heal it from the inside out and at the grassroots. The goal is to be able to not have to take supplements and to get what we need from our food. Tate used to be on about 15 supplements a day. Today, we are down to about 7. His body is being healed and someday I have hopes he won't need any, except what we want to give him for normal everyday health. It was well worth it. 

Stay healthy. You have one body. Don't abuse it. You will pay, now or later.

Supplement orders are Due Friday for this next order. I can now order the Probiotics so shoot me a quick email if you need some. I am also trying to get the orders together for the kefir and yogurt cultures. Need a few more to make the group amount. Super easy to do! Don't be shy. Click here to see the Probiotic list at the Apothecary Shoppe.


DK said...

Hey Shari,
I need to order another bottle, better make it 2 of spice for life when you order again. Thanks, Deena

DK said...

Shari, I forgot, I was also wanting to order some Helichrysum, but would love to share or split 3-4 ways the bottle with someone... Unless you have someone else asking for it, I will find someone to split it with if you can order me one of those as well. Thanks, Deena

Kara said...

At that gardening class today they talked about Effective Micro-organisms, which is totally the same thing. In fact, I am not entirely convinced that the product they were celling was little more than water kefir. Call me crazy, but I am going to try it!

Kara said...

I do know how to spell...selling