Friday, March 4, 2011

The American Philosophy on fats.

I have talked many times about my distaste with the American food philosophy. It makes me cringe when I hear the faux pas thrown around like gospel. Why can you go to every other industrialized country out there and they "get it" and we just don't? Why do we believe what the FDA tells us instead of what history does? 

I won't get there today. I have been there way too many times but I do want to talk a little about fat.

I had this salesman come to my house the other day to show me the Saladmaster. Seriously, I could have bought it. It makes such cute designs out of your veggies. But, $400 wasn't as cute. However, he has cookware as well and you don't need any fat. No oils. Nothing. You can eat totally fat free.

Big problem. We need fat. Those fat free diets are just wrong. Vitamins and minerals bind to fats for digestion. Fats signal to our bodies that we are full. Our body needs these fats to work right. Of course, we need the good fats and America gets that part wrong. Think about the European countries that consume lots and lots of it. Olive oil, pure cream, cheeses, etc. They have a much lower percentage of heart disease than we do and are much thinner. They eat the real deal fat, not the partially hydrogenated junk that we eat. You get real cream from a real cow that eats real grass and top that off with real culturing. You get real olive oil from a tree grown without pesticides. You get cheeses that are from grass fed cows, antibiotic free, aged the right way. They eat eggs, fresh fish and grass fed meats. They eat lots of carbs. They are healthier than we are. 

Today I have two gallons of fresh raw milk from a Jersey cow (the best milk for the body) sitting in my fridge. The cream is thick on the top. They asked if I wanted it strained. Heck no. Oh the options! Yogurt, butter, cheese. I can't wait to get to it all. Let's not even for one minute think that I can just dive in and eat it all without consequence. You can still gain wait even if it is natural and healthy. All things in moderation. But, the point is that many people cringe at the thought of butter and cheese, olive oil and whole milk yogurts. They would rather eat a low fat meal that in truth is plastic and synthetic chemicals. Silly Americans. 

As always, keeping it real is the way it should be and  always will be. Portion control is key to a healthy body and soul. 

Wish you were all as lucky as I am to have some Jersey milk in your fridge. I affectionately call my milk "Snookie" milk after Snookie on Jersey Shore. I don't watch it but who doesn't know about Snookie? It is just an appropriate name from the Jersey milk. I have Snookie Cheese, Snookie Yogurt and Snookie butter. Wouldn't it be great to dip a cookie in my snookie milk? That is going too far. 

Want some real milk? You can get raw milk here in AZ at Save Your Dairy in Queen Creek. Check out their website for info. They have a few drop offs as well in the valley. We don't drink it but it makes the best yogurt and kefir around. As far as the real butter, cream and cheese; Trader Jo's has some great options as well. 

Have a great day. I have a free calendar today. It has been so long I don't know where to start. So far, I am completely blowing it off. In my jammies at 9:41. Please don't stop by. My dishes are still in the sink.


Kara said...

Save your Dairy has Jersey cows? Exclusively, or do you have to make a special order? Mine has very little cream on top. You just ask them to not skim it?

Shari Goodman said...

I wish they had Jersey Cows! I found a lady who has a couple extra gallons a week so she is selling it to me. I get the cream with it. They even live right by me. A dream come true! The jersey cows get lots of cream.