Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Thank You Note

**From the Goss family

Dear Enlightened Homemakers,
Most of you are strangers to Abigail and me. But when Shari gave you the opportunity to donate to Abigail, you did. Thank you for your kindness and generosity! It truly is remarkable to see complete strangers help each other. Abigail is too young to say thanks herself, but I thank you in behalf of this sweet 21-month-old princess.
She is doing absolutely fantastic! In the past 2 months her main tumor has shrunk about 95-97%! All of the metastasis in her bones are gone (at least undetectable!). Her bone marrow tests came back clear! Her oncologist says in his career he has seen maybe 1/2 dozen children respond this well.
But the hard decisions continue. Her doctor wants to continue chemotherapy because that's his job and she is responding so well to it. We are also giving her an alternative treatment product called Protocel. Our next decision is to say yes or no to another round of chemotherapy, hoping and praying that Protocel is doing what it's 'supposed' to do. So we would love for you to keep praying for her!
Again, thank you for your kindness!
Annabeth, Abigail and family

We are sooooo happy for you Abigail! Keep it up. The Enlightened Homemakers of the world are cheering for you. 

Thank you all who donated. I was touched to see how many cared for someone they didn't even know. You are the best friends ever.


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