Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spare Change?

Did you wake up today trying to think of a way to help someone out? Do you have a desire to lighten someones load, even a little? I have an opportunity for you, my enlightened homemaker friends. I have a simple way for you to help someone out , even if just a little. My dear friend,  Annabeth and her sweet little Abigail, could use a little help. You can read her story here. Just weeks ago, Annabeth found a lump on her little Abigail. She is now in the hospital fighting stage 4 cancer. Life can turn upside down in a matter of minutes. 

As you know, cancer can take a toll not only on your emotions but on your pocketbook. Even with good insurance, treatment is big bucks, especially if you try any alternative route. I had an idea that today; I could ask my friends for help.

What if everyone who visited my blog today and tomorrow gave $5? $10? We could raise some good cash that the Goss family could use to help fight miss Abigail's  cancer. It may not be much but it could help lighten the load just a little. It would show them that we care and as moms, we are behind her. 

So, my plea, dear friends; all you have to do is click on the donate button below. Donate what you can. Even $5 will add up if we all help. If anyone is in question of how the money will be donated;  rest assured, every penny will be accounted for. I will print the pay pal page and give it to her along with the cash earned. She will see every penny that was pledged. You may also go to any Wells Fargo bank and ask to donate to the Abigail Goss Medical Fund.  

Thanks so much ! I love this dear family and they are simply amazing at their strength during this difficult time. You will be blessed for your contribution and so very appreciated!

You can follow her progress here.


The von Lutzow's said...

I donated! My heart goes out to there family. Thank you for putting this together for them. My prayers and thoughts are with them .

Shari Goodman said...

Thanks so much! She is so touched by this and the donations are pouring in.

janellemc said...

Randomly checked out your blog today. Thank you for supporting this family. My baby had stage 4 cancer at 3 mos. She is 6 years old today. It taught me true fasting, prayer, and to endure. We too felt peace even though unsure of the outcome. I made a small donation. Please pass our love onto your friend.

Pam said...

Tell them right away about 35% food grade hydogen peroxide to digest. It is at a health food store and the dosage to administer each day. I believe it is 1 drop to 6 oz of pure water three times a day on an empty stomach and then each day increase by one drop per glass until it is at 25 drops. If she starts to feel sick then back down one drop and keep it at that level until her body is used to it and then start adding an aditional drop until 25 drops. She should be good to go within a couple of weeks. I would also get Essiac tea. Find all you can about this. She will need to drink it about four times a day until she is in remission and then taper off to 3 and then two. She should stay on it for about five years or more. It takes a good day to make this tea so hurry. We helped a lady with stage four ovarian cancer who went into remission two weeks later. She could feel her tumor shrink daily. I think you can also get it in a bottle of premade liquid that you add to pure water. Let me know when she is healed. :)

Pam said...

Another great finding is pureed asparagus (4 Tbsp. morning and night)