Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Day

I can judge how my day is going to be by the first 15 minutes of the morning.....

First, woke up to this: (Oh, yea, and woke up 1 hour late!) 

Somehow I went to bed completely forgetting that I didn't finish the dishes. I went to take a quick shower and never made it back downstairs. Totally disappointing when I came down for breakfast first thing. This is an automatic 1/2 hour set back this morning. Totally can't afford that one.

Next, chickens were left unattended this morning and finished off the kale in the garden: garden fence going up this weekend. 

Then, the bus for Tate came 15 minutes early. He was still in PJ's. Why do they know when you are behind? EVERYTIME!!

I promised my highschoolers that I would bring them lunch today. Lunch is at 10:30. They each want different things. That leaves about 1 hour to get my hair colored (the gray hairs are out of control), clean the house, water the garden, finish emails and pick up two different lunches to be dropped off. The list after the 10:30 drop off is even more impressive. I totally shouldn't be on the computer right now but when the day already seems shot, who really cares that I am going to be even more behind?

But....somehow, at the end of the day, it will all be under control. I just know it. Ball games, speech therapy, visiting grandparents for lunch, the gym, dinner preparation, preschool prep, a hair cut....It is all going to happen in 12 hours or less. It is truly amazing what you can do when you put on your running shoes.

Have a great day. Hope the dishes fairy hit your house. I am not leaving a tip for mine. Totally skipped me over last night!


Cindy Sage said...

Sorry, I do not like to wake up to a messy lkitchen either...but tomorrow is a new day!

FYI when your chickens are older they can fly over the 8 foot fence, if you do not clip thier wings.

Karl said...

And I thought it was rough having my daughter forget her backpack with homework, when I felt lousy enough to take a sick day. At least I was home today to take it to her!

Like your good attitude!

Jill said...

Oops that last comment was not by Karl. I forgot I checked his email for him!

Liesl said...

My friend picked up coconut oil from you a couple weeks ago and she was so embarrased by how she looked in front of you. She said your house was spotless, you had perfect hair and make-up and she felt inferior. I'm so glad to see how real you are!! Not that I'm glad you have faults, but that you are able to share them with us. You're posts are inspiring and I thank you for them!!!

Tosha said...

My kitchen looks like that most of the time!