Friday, May 13, 2011

Forks Over Knives.

My friend April keeps me informed on lots of great things. She sent me this link for a new documentary called, "Forks Over Knives". I cannot even wait to see the whole thing. The trailer is wonderful. You can watch and see for yourselves. It is about food and disease and what the American diet does to us. We are so messed up here in this country. Seriously messed up. We are killing ourselves. 

I am going to rant just a little right now since I don't yell at people directly. I have to get it out. Eating crappy is selfish. It isn't just about you. What you are doing to yourself will impact your family. You may think that starting and ending your day with a soft drink is normal and fine. However, add that with whatever else you are feeding yourself and you are creating disease. Disease that your children will pay for one way or the other; taking care of you, burying you or picking up your bad habits. You cannot go on eating garbage and not reaping the results. It doesn't work that way. If you read my blog, you are probably one who already knows this. I sure wish everyone would get on the bandwagon. Our kids don't stand a chance. We start them off with formula containing 40% corn syrup. Really? How do they even survive. 

Watch the trailer here and then watch the whole movie when it is released. 


heather said...

Thank you for sharing this! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

Shea said...

I agree that the standard American diet is awful and slowly killing everyone, but in the defense of most people who eat it, I don't think they know what they are doing. I don't think most people realize just how bad the food that they eat is. I remember the days when I thought low-fat pasteurized milk products, wheaties and packaged granola bars were healthy. I thought if I provided these things for my family I was providing healthy snack options. This is what the media told me. This is what the government told me. I believed it. It wasn't until I did extensive research on my own that I began to discover the truth. I don't think that people necessarily are being selfish by eating what they eat- I think they underestimate just how dangerous what they put in their mouth can be. I remember when I used to think, "It can't be that bad, or they wouldn't be allowed to sell it to us." The truth about the state of our food supply here in America is not easily accessible. It took me years to discover the information I was searching for. I think it's the job of us who know better to educate and encourage those who do not in a gentle, nonjudgemental way.

Shari Goodman said...

I agree with you. When I talk about being selfish, it is not to those who eat what they think is OK, it is to those who eat whatever they want because that is just what they want. Like soda pop daily, fast food, etc. Everyone knows that isn't good for you. Those who buy wheaties, granola bars, etc. are at least trying to be healthy. I agree they just are told they are good for them so they buy into it. You aren't selfish if you are trying, the selfish ones are those who know better but don't care and worse....don't care to change for their childrens sake. I am tired of seeing children suffer because parents don't want to take control. I don't blame those who don't know, but who doesn't know that McDonald's and a Diet Coke isn't horrible for you?

RPH said...

It is sad, the amount of impact advertising has on our lives. I was just talking to a friend the other day who has resorted to feeding her children cold/sugar cereal every day of the week. She said she saw a commercial for the cereal and the commercial said the cereal REALLY IS GOOD for our kids. It has lots of vitamins, calcium, and fiber in it. So she buys it by the truckfull and feels good about feeding it to her kids. SAD.

We also talked about some advertising she saw in a magazine. She understood it to say that HFCS is really not bad for you, people just dont understand it. And if we were more informed about it we would feel fine consuming it.

People are completely misinformed or uninformed all together.

Shari....I could cry when I hear stuff like this! How do you keep yourself together?! It is SO SAD!

And ps - I cant wait to see this show. Wish we lived closer, I just got my 3 yr old tested for allergies with an ASYRA test. I am wishing I had someone to talk to about it. Are you familiar?

ToniS said...

Saw "Forks Over Knives" tonight. Incredible. I knew in the back of my mind it was the diet that I was eating that made me sick but I never realized how much so until I watched this movie along with Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; Food, Inc.; King Corn, etc. I am a newbie but I have already ordered a Breville juicer. Can't wait to see what my body will do with all the organic plant food I am going to give it! Plan on showing my grandsons these movies. They are 9 and 11. Perhaps they don't have to get a dread disease before they are enlightened.

Plato Powers said...

The essence of the documentary is to convince you that eating meat and animal products is bad for you and that you should subsist on a plant-based diet. For a hardcore carnivore such as myself to have to listen to such drivel for ~90 minutes took a lot of strength because the film is a real mess. The big problem is that they mix together truths with lies