Monday, May 21, 2012

So many peaches, so little time.

I don't think there is anything else that can really fit into this week. We have class parties, two preschool water days at my house, my oldest graduation, my 9 year olds birthday, a grandma's funeral, two baseball tournaments, a cabin trip, a friend's birthday luncheon, and on top of it all, tons and tons of peaches that need to be processed this week. They are late this year and really it is just not a good week for them to become ripe. 

However, because I hate to waste and I love peaches, I am determined to get as many of these bite-sized peaches into the freezer. Because they are so small, by the time you peel them, there is hardly anything left. I decided to make it a little simpler this year and guess what? It worked! I will share my little secret with you in case you have  a million bite-sized peaches on your tree also.

All the google searches will tell you that you have to peel your peaches, soak them in lemon juice and put them in a syrup to freeze them. I believed them but guess what? Not true. If your intention is to freeze peaches for smoothies, you can leave those healthy little peels on and skip the syrup solution. Here is what I did and they didn't brown whatsoever:

Washed those cute little peaches.

Cut them into chunks right around the pit. 

Laid them cut side down onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Put them in the freezer with plastic wrap  covering them tightly. 

Within a few hours, they were frozen solid and 
ready to go into freezer bags. 

They separate real easily since they are frozen in a single layer. You can then just put as many as you want in your smoothie. So far, they have been in my freezer for a week and they haven't browned at all.

If you are freezing peaches for a pancake topping or pies, you would want to stick with the peeling and syrup recipe but this works like a gem for smoothies. It takes minutes compared to hours for the other method. 

I am even recruiting my husband to help today. I will have a freezer full come heck or high water. Have you seen the prices of frozen organic peaches? These are gold, baby.


Kara said...

I just finished off the ones that I froze last year. Good to the last drop! Never browned

GrainCrazy said...

Another way to keep them from turning brown is pure orange juice. Put them in the juice after you cut. Them up. You are ambitious. Thanks for your ideas. :)