Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Want more plants?

I had a few extra spaces left in my garden so I called up my friend and the Hatching Bunnies Farm to see what she had left. She does have a few things and is starting some more squash and tomatoes. If you would like something, let me know by Friday. First come, first serve. Here is the list from her, they are $3 each:

List of what I have right now:
Cocozelle (striped Italian zucchini)
Lemon cucumbers (yellow, lemon-shaped, sweet cukes, only a few left)
Diva cucumbers (bush cucumber, few left)
Armenian cucumbers (these can get bigger than regular cukes without getting bitter, stand heat better) quite a few left
Butternut squash
Howden pumpkin-good for eating or fall decor
Spaghetti squash
Sweet potatoes
Cinnamon, lemon, lime and spicy globe bush basil (smaller leaves, stays more compact)

I can start more yellow squash, Coosa squash (middle Eastern variety-I like it better than zucchini), and several other varieties of pumpkins (Small Sugar, and Cinderella).  I am also about to start some tomatoes for fall that will produce in cooler weather if you or your contacts are interested.  If there's a lot of interest,  It would be nice to have a count beforehand so I start enough.  Varieties are Moskovich (Siberian, early, can take some cold and keep producing), and Gold Nugget, an early gold cherry tomato.  Tomatoes can be planted for fall in early August.


The Lees said...

I would take a cocozelle and one lemon cuke and one armeneian. I wish I had more room!

kathy said...


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