Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Freezing Corn...

Thanks to Miss Deana, I came home with a bag full of fresh-picked corn the other night. It was truly the sweetest corn I have ever tasted. When you pick it and eat it immediately, all the sugars are still in place. The longer it sits off the stock, the sweetness is lost. My kids also were able to join in the fun and pick some corn themselves in her backyard crop and chase a few chickens here and there. I covet the acreage, but then again, I spend enough time on my small backyard farm. How would I ever manage a couple acres? I would like to try.

Anyways, with extra corn on hand, I needed to act quickly before the sugars left and get it packed into the freezer. It is so easy to process corn.

Hopefully you will be blessed with good corn this summer season and can stock your freezer up as well. It is so great to thaw and put in salads and soups or in a great fresh veggie taco. 

First, shuck the corn and get rid of the silk strings. Use a veggie scrubber lightly if needed. Wash them well.

Heat a big pot of water and when it reaches a boil, toss in the corn.

Let boil for 4 minutes. Start timing when the water returns to a boil. Make sure you have plenty of water.

When the 4 minutes are up, remove the corn and put in ice water to stop the cooking process. If you don't, they can shrivel.

When cool, cut off the stock by holding them straight up and cutting straight down on all sides. 

Put in Freezer bags and freeze immediately. Since they are already steamed, they can be eaten when thawed.

My personal favorite is to quickly sauté it in some Mexican lime olive oil from the Queen Creek Olive Mill with a little scallions. Oh, my. While your at  it, cook some fresh corn tortillas and throw in some shrimp and Cilantro-Lime rice. Pure heaven.


Grab the rice recipe here. I did it in my pressure cooker in 3 minutes. 

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