Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look for Bugs.

I opened my canister of organic popcorn and many little black bugs were roaming free. Many may shriek in disgust but I was quite happy with the discovery.

Bugs mean that this corn is not Monsanto, pesticide sown corn. Bugs mean that there is life. 

When I was young, I remember opening boxes of cereal or crackers and on occasion, finding bugs at the bottom. I realized that I never see this anymore. Why? Well, food today is so sprayed and toxic that bugs cannot live in food. I have heard that grocery stores actually spray their cereal isles at night to keep the bugs away. Horrifying. 

I get that many don't want bugs in their food. In other countries, bugs in food are a fact of life. Bugs gravitate towards crops. They lay their eggs. They get picked and shipped to us where the eggs can hatch and little bugs will emerge. In the new GMO crops, or sprayed crops, the eggs are destroyed. Wonderful. Not. I will take the bugs over the pesticides any day of the week.

I dumped out the corn in a colander. I rinsed well and let it dry overnight. Good as new. 

If you find a little worm or bug in your produce, hooray for you! Bugs can't live within pesticides ridden produce. Wash. Eat. Enjoy good health.

Don't shun the little creepy crawlies. It is just natures way of telling you that you are eating the real deal.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this post -- as someone who is bug-phobic, i appreciate someone knocking some sense into me! haha

Anonymous said...

Most organic farmers use pesticides -- organic pesticides --- which have been shown to be as carcinogenic as synthetic pesticides, sometimes worse.
read here at NPR
or from here
Organic does not mean pesticide free.

Shari Goodman said...


I agree totally. That's why it is so important that we grow what we can and buy from local, pesticide free growers. Natural or synthetic. Good point.

StillThankful said...

I just had this happen to me. My daughter freaked out but I explained the difference between organic and conventional and that bugs are attracted to food (in God's food chain). These black bugs were all in the bottom of our bowl. I did contact the store who had the supplier contact me. I told him what happened but assured him that we were fine. It's good to know that USDA ORGANIC is truly organic!!