Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lunch Box Time

It is time to pack the lunches up again and send the little ones back to school. (I am smiling right now) For me, it now means 5 lunches to pack each morning. A couple of them with special diets, one with a huge 16 year old appetite, and one who is a new High school student and doesn't want to look "uncool" with a dorky lunch. Whatever that means.

Now, add that into the mix with me wanting lunch box systems that are A) free from Lead, Vinyl and other chemicals that leach from almost every cheap store bought lunchbox out there B) A system that would negate the use of plastic baggies and any BPA containing plastics and C) a system that would allow me to pack a healthy variety of food.

I found these and have been totally excited about them. The Snapware + Built Gourmet Lunch Kit. Even sounds fancy. The special features I loved was that it came with several containers that are BPA free and are leak free to boot. They keep food from getting squashed and save me the 20 + ziplocks I use each week. The lunch bag it comes with is Neoprene which is tested to be lead and vinyl free and can be thrown right into the wash. It is made from the same material as a wetsuit so it keeps food hot or cold for up to 4 hours and is stretchy so you can get all kids of things in there. I still use an ice pack for extra security! I can't find anything telling me Neoprene is unsafe so if you have info, just let me know. I know there are better eco friendly choices and probably even better options that don't use rubber but I feel pretty safe since I am using the BAP free containers as a barrier as well.

I also have double insulated, stainless steel thermoses for hot soups, burritos, etc. The 16 year old nixed all this. Didn't want to get beat up. He is sticking with the old school system. I get it.

I bought these 3 black kit packs from Costco at a steal for $18.99. They sell on the internet for over $30. I bought my daughter a cute neoprene bag on Amazon and she will use some of the extra containers since they come with so many extras.

I found the best prices for the bags from this little place on Amazon:

(This is the cute one my daughter will be sporting)

There are also some great lunch box solutions called Bento Boxes. Expensive but great, chemical free ideas.

Now, I just need to get the lunch menu's down. I am determined to get some variety in the lunch department this year. I am always so motivated for the first month. We'll see how long it lasts. But, at least I have the equipment this year. I don't want to spend so much time and money on getting them good, organic, chemical free food and then let the lunch box leach it all back in. So counter productive.

I'll let you know how it goes. Anyone have some great lunch box ideas?


Morgan-- said...

Love your blog! My Mom sent me your way. Ok, I love the bento boxes. They are so cute, my kids have about 5 different ones and they are so perfect for lunches! The one you got is way cute!!

Laura said...

I saw those boxes, but my kid loses/throws everything out. I was a little nervous to put "real" containers in his lunch, knowing I would only get half of them back each time.

Debbie said...

The lunch box that your daughter picked out is probably the cutest one I have ever seen. With all the good,safe containers you found-your kids will have the coolest, healthiest lunches at school. What a great find.

Annabeth said...

That's great! Don't you love finding something that works for you? I do. For all the people that read your blog, I wanted to mention too. They are BPA/lead/vinyl free. We've been using them for a week now, and my kids love them. They even had the same exact lunch today as they did yesterday, but because I used a different cookie cutter on their sandwich and put eyes and a mouth on it, they were so excited. =)
For bento ideas, here are some websites:
And they have links on the sides of their blogs for more ideas...
Happy school lunches, everyone!

Allison said...

So my question is do you buy them separately? I looked at the link you had for the cute bags on amazon. But where do I get the containers to hold the food?

Shari Goodman said...

Since I bought three of the kits, they come with plenty extra to share. If you were just buying the bags, you can find the containers separately. I know Costco had some of the containers without the bags but I am sure you could find snapware any place. I believe all snapware containers are BPA free but just check the box.

Melissa said...

which costco did you get the lunch kits at? I checked the one here in prescott where I am visiting and they didn't have them. I'll be back in the valley on tues. and want to get that kit. thanks!

Shari Goodman said...

The one at San Tan and the one on Sossaman both had them last week. i would call and ask. They still had over 100 when I called them last week. Just ask for the snapware + built lunch box kits.

rachel said...

where in the world in walmart would i find these? i practically combed the store the other night just looking for paper lunch sacks!