Sunday, August 29, 2010

The defense system

School has started and with that has come the arrival of the germ pool at the public schools. I already had two come home not feeling so hot but we nipped that in the bud overnight.

It is the season, the season of the passing of germs from little one, to little one and on to the bigger ones. For some, it seems like it never ends.

That is why it is time again to start amping up the defense system of the body so that it can fight what comes it way.

The regime has started at our house. Germs may come our way, but we never let them stay. I give it one night, tops. It has worked.

I start adding in the liquid D3 to their daily juice to help build the immunity. They don't get as much sun now so it is time to add that back in. They get the vitamin C chewables next to their breakfast plate and some allergy A & I tablets for kicking the allergies out. Allergies bring mucous and mucous hosts germs. Get rid of it.

If per chance they do bring home an unwanted germ guest; we hit it with the second line of defense: Spice of Life essential oils, Allimax liquid, Oreganol, increased D3, increased C and anything else I can think of at the time. It kicks it out, lays it to the curb, defeats its momentum.

I also clean my house almost entirely with Spice of Life in some water in a spray bottle. It kills germs, smells great and cleans wonderfully. It cleans my windows streak free, disinfects my countertops and bathrooms and deodorizes my air. It costs less than $1 per spray bottle when mixed with about 10 drops per 32 ounces of water. Way cheaper than cleaner. You could drink it and clean with it. Find that at the grocery store! My house smells cinnaminny fresh with no toxins to boot. Super duper. It stops the air borne germs that float around. Make sure you shake the bottle each use to keep the oil mixed in.

If you need to prepare your army of defense, I am ordering on Tuesday. Check out the Apothecary Shoppe and email any orders. You don't have to get sick this fall and winter. It isn't mandatory. Skip the flu shot and soup up your natural defense system. Such a better option.


Annabeth said...

I love your lines of defense. Already working on those here at our house. Funny, but it's not my school-aged children, but my 2 youngest ones with runny noses. Interesting that my older children have been drinking water with a drop of lemon oil first thing each morning before breakfast ever since school started. That must have kept them healthy!

Annabeth said...

Can you remind me how many drops of D3 for the different ages, for regular maintenance, and for intensive use?

Shari Goodman said...

this is what I do on the D3 , 1-3 drops for under 3. 5 drops for 4-12 and 8 drops for adults. Those are the safe limits given by many doctors. If my kids were sick, I give a few more drops.

RPH said...

We just busted out the D3 today. Its been in the cupboard all summer, but its time to start using it again.

I have a question about allergies. My kids have never shown any symptoms of being allergic to pollen, dust, etc. or to any foods (other than the milk allergy in our 2 year old, but we have that under control). They dont have runny nose, watery eyes, skin rashes, etc. Is there something else I should be watching for as a sign?

I will be putting in a order this week! Thanks Shari!

And thanks for the info on cleaning with Spice of Life. I am going to try it today!!

Shari Goodman said...

allergies usually show with scratchy eyes, sniffles, runny nose, etc. So, if they don't have those symptoms, i think you are just fine!

I am ordering Tuesday by noon so if you can, get your order in or it will be a couple weeks before I order again.

Cindy Thomas said...

Thanks for the Spice Of Life lead... off to the store to find it.

Shari Goodman said...

You will only find the Spice for Life with Be young oils. I can ship if you need me to.

dg darling said...

You've probably already heard about this but I thought of you when I read it and thought I'd pass it along! The future has big plans for your sweet boy, I can feel it!

Shari Goodman said...

dg darling....Thank you so much. That was so inspiring and made me cry. I need a little boost of hope now and then!

DK said...

If I'm not too late I would like to order chewable vitamin C, A&I capsules and the multi vitamin that I got from you before, can't remember what it was called. Thanks, Deena
email me with questions

Jessie Brown said...

I have Spice of Life. I didn't know you could clean with it too!!. That is awesome. I'm going to make a spray bottle of it tomorrow. Thanks.