Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping around

Thanks to good friends who send info my way, I have been finding some pretty good deals lately. I am impressed that many stores are now carrying organic and pesticide free products. I think the world is wising up just a little. I will take what I can get.

Here are some deals that I have been finding:

Walmart now has Grass fed , organic cheese. It is in the packaged cheese section in a bar. It is great cheese! Remember, we want our animal products grass fed, not corn fed, just like nature intended.

Coscto and Walmart carry tomatoes and baby cucumbers that are pesticide free from Wilcox, AZ! They are delicious and as cheap as the pesticide-loaded tomatoes and cukes.

Costco carries lots of organic products now like baby spinach, frozen organic peaches, fresh raspberries and much more.

Sprout's carries Rudi's organic bread for less than other commercial bread and it is even on sale right now.

Walmart has packaged organic figs, great for sweetening recipes!

Groupon is offering a $5 credit to anyone buying their first Groupon until December 7th, click below for the offer. They are in most states- great Christmas gifts.

Do you have some deals to share? Let me know.

Also, I am ordering supplements in the morning if you need anything. If you want to learn about zinc, check out Terri's post yesterday, below. I was just about to post on zinc when I saw she already did it for me. It is one of my regular supplements everyday. It is especially important for hormone production!

It is $20 per liquid bottle. 


Annabeth said...

How long does one bottle last you? The article linked by Terri said to put 1-2 tsp? (am I remembering right?) when you do the taste test. Is that the typical dosage?
I better get a bottle.

rachel said...

i need some more zinc shari.